Viva Adonis is a beauty and lifestyle website, written and edited by Sinéad Smith and Deirdre Foley. All content is original and may not be reproduced without the consent of the author. All content used with permission must be referenced back to Viva Adonis. We both work exceptionally hard to produce original and unique content as often as possible on top of working full-time.


While we get sent many products for consideration, we are not in any way answerable to the brands, PR companies or distributors that provide them. With this in mind, our reviews are 100% honest, impartial and ethical. Similarly, we endeavour to review both good and bad products in order to give our readers as broad an overview as possible on what is currently on the market.

Products sent for review will always be acknowledged as such. We have nothing to gain by passing a product off as something we purchased ourselves. We consider ourselves extremely honest and a trustworthy source for beauty obsessives around the world. All products featured that are press samples or gifts that have been sent for consideration of inclusion will be denoted by the presence of an asterisk (*) beside the product name. We do not believe that readers should have to guess whether a product is a sample or was purchased ourselves - honesty is the best policy.

We are not accountable for purchases made based on the content of our reviews. What works for us may not work for you and vice versa so, readers must exercise common sense when considering purchasing a product we have recommended or endorsed as a successful trial.

Sponsored Posts

We do accept select Sponsored Posts on the blog. Our loyalty remains with you, the reader, and we will only ever agree to Sponsored Posts which are in-keeping with the tone of the blog and are in no way influenced or directed by the brand in question. Sponsored Posts will always be noted as such.

Affiliate Links

In addition to Sponsored Posts, we operate Affiliate Links on the blog as a means of financing the operational costs associated with having a blog. The affiliate program we use is Skimlinks. An affiliate link, put simply, is a link to a product we have reviewed or mentioned in the context of the blog which has a unique identifier to our blog. If a purchase is made via the affiliate link, we get a tiny percentage of the sale for "referring" the buyer to the product. There will be no added cost for the consumer.


We run regular giveaways as a means of giving back to our readers. We do not host them with the intention of gaining more followers though this is an inevitability of any giveaway and one we cannot possibly prevent. Our giveaways are a mixture of prizes we buy ourselves and ones which are given by companies. We will always acknowledge if a prize has been sponsored, again in the interest of honesty and trustworthiness.

We denote specific rules for each giveaway. We ask that entrants read and comply by these instructions so that we do not have to exclude anyone’s entry.

All giveaway winners will be chosen using a random number generator, unless otherwise specified. We do not allow friends or family to enter our giveaways but, we have a large online presence and cannot prevent those we regularly talk to from entering or, in fact, winning. We would never compromise our integrity by rigging or falsifying the result of a giveaway.

If you win a giveaway, please allow 28 days for shipping purposes. If a giveaway prize is not claimed two weeks after notification, we will select another recipient. Giveaways will generally be UK/Ireland-only unless otherwise stated for shipping purposes. 


Our ethos is that your skin is your best asset and, before applying make-up, you must first work to create a good base. In other words, make-up should enhance, not eclipse your natural beauty.

With this in mind, we devote a large number of reviews to various skincare systems. We trial every skincare product for at least two weeks before writing any kind of review on it in order to give skin time to adjust, react or improve.

Make-Up and Nails

We are not qualified or professional make-up artists or nail technicians. Any tips or knowledge we impart are usually those made up by ourselves, developed through trial and error or gleaned from copious (and obsessive!) hours watching YouTube videos and reading blogs. We don't claim to be spectacularly talented at make-up or nail art but, rather, we consider ourselves more on level with what the "normal" amateur can achieve with a combination of dedication, patience, perseverance and, most importantly, practice!

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