November 24, 2016


Working as I do for a few haircare brands, I've been fortunate enough to try a lot of really great products this year. Having previously swung between affordable and more high-end hair products, I'm now firmly convinced that the quality of what you use on your hair makes a massive difference. I might be using more expensive products (which I am getting for free - I can't honestly say that I'd have bought all of them), but I've spent far less in the hairdresser in 2016 than in previous years. My visits have been more spaced out, and my hairdresser (the amazing Danielle in Style Club North Earl Street) has commented multiple times that my hair is far less damaged than ever before.

I also don't use as much heat as I used to. I rarely use the GHD these days - the InStyler is my tool of choice and I use it on quite large chunks of hair, rather than curling small sections. I got a Parlux hairdryer for Christmas last year which really helped me to get to grips with doing a proper blow-dry. Really, though, it's using the right products that have helped me to achieve consistently smooth and frizz-free hair.

It all starts with shampoo and conditioner - I might do another post in a couple of weeks on what I've been using to style. Out of everything I've tried this year, KEVIN.MURPHY HYDRATE.ME has been an absolute game-changer. These are some of the most popular products from the KM range - the shampoo and conditioner are for normal, dry or heat-damaged hair. They are full of antioxidants and are formulated with fine hair in mind, though they work extremely well on my thick, coarse mane. All of the KEVIN.MURPHY products are made without parabens, and I have found this to make a huge difference to both my hair and scalp. I have always had a sensitive, itchy scalp but it is only relatively recently that I came to realise that this isn't actually a dandruff problem. As soon as I quit parabens, the problem disappeared - and it flares up again straight away if I use anything with parabens.

The HYDRATE.ME products smell incredible, as most products do from this brand - they've even brought out candles this year! They leave my hair immediately feeling stronger, smoother and more flexible. I feel like I get a lot of longevity from my hair when using HYDRATE.ME - it doesn't get greasy quickly, and stays very smooth until my next wash. It's far easier to blow-dry after using these, and the shine off my hair is unbelievable. If you're interested in trying KEVIN.MURPHY I'd definitely recommend for you to start with these, or DOO.OVER if you fancy a styling product.

I feel like shampoos and conditioners are among some of the most boring products to blog about, but this duo has me genuinely excited - I can safely say that they're my all-time favourite. Find them online on or look for an Irish stockist near you here.

Disclaimer: I am the social media manager for KEVIN.MURPHY Ireland, and did not pay for these products. However,I was under no obligation to write about them here and this post does not contain affiliate links.

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