September 28, 2016

A Cleanser Cull

This seems like a bit of a mental post but it does kind of make sense in the current context, as I haven’t been blogging as much! Here’s a whistle-stop view of seven cleansers, most of which I’ve used up at this stage. I didn’t want to get rid until I’d photographed and reviewed them – now where’s my prize?!

All jokes aside, this is a pretty deadly line-up of cleansers. There isn’t really a big dud here, but I am going to start with the one that just didn’t wow, which is the Alpha-H BalancingCleanser with Aloe Vera. There really is nothing terrible about this – it’s a gentle cream which I used as a second cleanse with a hot cloth after removing makeup. It did seem to calm my skin thanks to the aloe, and felt quite nice, but it just didn’t do anything in particular for me, really. I got this on a whim instead of the Oskia Renaissance Cleanser which I’d been repurchasing a lot (more on that later) and it just didn’t live up to that standard. Not that I don’t recommend a bit of Alpha H though – their Liquid Gold is incredible stuff.

Next up is a doozy from Murad.   I’m really fond of them as a brand, and the Murad peel I had last year at Edvard and Pink honestly kept my skin looking great for about two months. The AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser* is brilliant to use 2-3 times a week as a second cleanse or morning cleanse (it won't remove makeup), and you only need a tiny amount at a time – it exfoliates in multiple ways to keep skin from looking dull. I have to say my skin reacts really well to it and always seems really healthy and smooth after use. The bottle is massive and I think the fact that you’re getting 200ml of product should take the sting out of the price tag (€39).

It feels like forever since I used Sarah Chapman’s Ultimate Cleanse – but I really, really enjoyed it. It’s like a very soft, oily balm that melts everything away very rapidly – and it smells incredible, really relaxing and spa-like. I always love a balm in a pump container, but the cap was slightly annoying on this - nothing ridiculous, just something to note. This removed every scrap of makeup and left my skin exceptionally soft and comfortable. Would recommend if you can afford it.

This is one of my all-time favourites and I've repurchased it at least three times. My skin loves this stuff - it's very calming and leaves my face super-soft. I find that it helps a lot even when I've angry zits in formation - it's just really kind to the skin. The texture is one of a kind and I haven't used a cleanser that is in any way similar - so I really do recommend this.

I finished this so long ago, but I did really love it. It's out of my price range for now but I do recommend it if you're in the market for some luxury. I feel like it did help my spots to clear faster without stripping the skin. It's a very gentle, slightly foaming formula so best suited as a second cleanse after makeup removal so your skin will get the most out of it. The bottle also lasted me forever so although expensive, it's not a massive waste of money by any means.

I really like this as a reliable staple cleanser and I have repurchased quite a few times. It removes everything, leaves my skin soft and smells great. The price point is better than most of these products, and I like being able to pick it up in Boots and get points for my purchase. However, the tube doesn't last me half as long as most of the products I've written about here, so the value is actually kind of short-lived after all.

2B Organic B Cleansed Facial Balm* Although this comes in a tin, it is very similar to the Sarah Chapman cleanser, as it's quite a soft balm (depending on room temperature). This is one of the best cleansing balms I have ever used, and my skin loves it. It removes absolutely every scrap of make-up, and leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and well-cared for. The product has that lovely luxury 'spa' smell but is organic, and a tin lasts me for ages. Bonus points go to this for being an Irish product, made and packaged  just down the road from me in Malahide. You can read another review of this product here.

Disclaimer: Items denoted with * were received as samples. 

I have worked with 2B Organic but was under no obligation to feature their products here.

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