August 07, 2016


I've been absolutely loving my hair lately. Narcissistic as that may sound, I won't apologise - we all spend far too much time disliking ourselves, so I'm happy and proud that my hair is something I can feel good about.

I've been trying to use less heat, letting it dry naturally with the help of oils and anti-frizz creams, so it falls into (slightly less crazy) waves. This, along with using as many sulphate-free products as possible, has helped my hair to grow out to a length I haven't had it at for about five years.

The cherry on top of this good hair moment I'm having has to be my new favourite product for styling. Here's my one-sentence review: I like this more than Oribe Dry Texturising Spray, and I'll be repurchasing it in place of that product for the foreseeable future. Want the details? Keep reading.

The basic premise of DOO.OVER seems to be that it is half hairspray, half dry shampoo. This makes for the perfect 'finisher' for any hairstyle. When I curl, wave or straighten my hair, if I use this my hair looks close to impeccable (but just the right amount of 'undone') until I wash it again. If it's very messy, I just brush through and it kind of pulls itself back together right away.

This stuff is like Ronseal for hair, and I haven't used anything quite like it before. Oh, and if you've a sensitive scalp like I do, not to worry. Pretty much every dry shampoo or finishing spray makes my scalp itch, but I have no issues at all with this. At €24.99, this is far from affordable for all, but if you're an Oribe addict, it might just be your rehab. Find it online on or look for an Irish stockist near you here.

Disclaimer: I am the social media manager for KEVIN.MURPHY Ireland, and did not pay for this product. However,I was under no obligation to write about it here and this post does not contain affiliate links.

Also, there's another elephant in the room. I am painfully aware that this is my first blog post of 2016. An explainer post may well be necessary, but for now I'm looking forward to chatting about loads of products that have really stood out for me during my absence from blogging.
I am borderline allergic to what many perceive Irish bloggers to be these days (we need a
 #NotAllBloggers hashtag!) - so hopefully I can rectify my own bad feelings with a healthy dose of good old-fashioned, honest reviews. It's nice to be doing this again!

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