November 24, 2016


Working as I do for a few haircare brands, I've been fortunate enough to try a lot of really great products this year. Having previously swung between affordable and more high-end hair products, I'm now firmly convinced that the quality of what you use on your hair makes a massive difference. I might be using more expensive products (which I am getting for free - I can't honestly say that I'd have bought all of them), but I've spent far less in the hairdresser in 2016 than in previous years. My visits have been more spaced out, and my hairdresser (the amazing Danielle in Style Club North Earl Street) has commented multiple times that my hair is far less damaged than ever before.

September 28, 2016

A Cleanser Cull

This seems like a bit of a mental post but it does kind of make sense in the current context, as I haven’t been blogging as much! Here’s a whistle-stop view of seven cleansers, most of which I’ve used up at this stage. I didn’t want to get rid until I’d photographed and reviewed them – now where’s my prize?!

August 09, 2016

My Favourite Penneys Brush

I honestly can't remember whether this little brush costs €1.50 or €2.50, but either way, it's less than my bus fare home, and you need to try it.

I think this is labelled in-store as a 'contour brush' or something to that effect but I've actually never used it for that purpose. The synthetic bristles, which are packed neither too loosely or too tight, make the perfect companion for liquid foundation or concealer. It just blends everything in seamlessly - I particularly love using it with my favourite summer foundation, Shiseido UV Protective Liquid Foundation, as well as an old reliable concealer, Collection Lasting Perfection. It's great for applying blush, as well. I've had two of these on the go for the last while and have just picked up a third!

Disclaimer: I received my first one of these brushes at a Penneys press day months back, and picked up the rest myself.

August 07, 2016


I've been absolutely loving my hair lately. Narcissistic as that may sound, I won't apologise - we all spend far too much time disliking ourselves, so I'm happy and proud that my hair is something I can feel good about.

I've been trying to use less heat, letting it dry naturally with the help of oils and anti-frizz creams, so it falls into (slightly less crazy) waves. This, along with using as many sulphate-free products as possible, has helped my hair to grow out to a length I haven't had it at for about five years.

The cherry on top of this good hair moment I'm having has to be my new favourite product for styling. Here's my one-sentence review: I like this more than Oribe Dry Texturising Spray, and I'll be repurchasing it in place of that product for the foreseeable future. Want the details? Keep reading.

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