June 29, 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder

It is 100% typical of me to want to try something new just as soon as I have settled on something amazing. Case in point: invisible powder. Myself and Sinéad have waxed lyrical about the NARS one; we both absolutely adore it, and MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural is a close second, though it’s a different type of powder as it’s far more pigmented.

June 25, 2015

5 Good Things - A Catch Up

I don’t think I’ve ever gone this long without blogging. That’s through exams, a thesis, work, and plenty of other ups and downs along the way.

I feel really awful for having broken my stride for so long, and I’ll be honest – the longer I left it, the harder it was to come back, sit down and write a proper post. I started to feel inferior to everyone else who’s been keeping it up, which I know is madness really. I’m usually quite good at shutting out the noise and kind of just doing me, so feeling this self-conscious about something I love so very much was really strange. Being 100% honest, I also started feeling quite jealous of anyone with more free time than myself!

I still can’t shake the guilt, but I honestly have been too busy with work to fit much else in at all. I’m still a bit behind on photography, so do bear with me while I get back into the swing of it. I have a ton of ideas and loads of brilliant products to fill you all in on, so please do stay tuned and bear with me, and in the meantime, I'm @deirdro on Snapchat & Instagram if you're curious!

After being pretty down on myself and feeling pretty negative about the fact I couldn’t blog, I thought it might be nice to return on a positive note. So many awful things have happened over the last few weeks - Berkeley is a tragedy I can't stop thinking about. It's awful things like that incident that make me stop and appreciate my life and what I have in it so, so much more. On that note, here’s five good things that have kept me very happy over the last while…

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I was in London for a few days last week my BFF this week. We’ve both been run off our feet recently so it was brilliant to escape for a while - we saw the Strokes, Beck & Future Islands play at Hyde Park which was an amazing gig. Aside from that, we took it easy and ate and drank plenty! 

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It’s good gigs that always make my summer really exciting. Slane kicked it all off for me a few weeks back and though it was pretty messy and mucky, I really did enjoy myself. The Foo Fighters were just incredible live – after seeing Dave Grohl take command of such a massive crowd, it really doesn’t surprise me that he managed to keep performing after breaking his leg in Sweden the other week! I’ve got tickets to The Frames, Fleetwood Mac and Taylor Swift over the next few weeks – how’s that for an eclectic mix?! – and hopefully will manage to squeeze Longitude in too, as that’s my birthday weekend. Oh, and it’s not exactly a gig, but myself and Sinéad got tickets to a Judy Blume talk next month, which I am seriously excited for. We both devoured her books as kids and can't wait to see her speak in what will be a fairly intimate setting. have been giving me the opportunity to write weekly pieces for them since last October, and I don't think I ever properly addressed it on the blog! It's been a brilliant way for me to flex my writing muscles that bit more, as the pieces are a nice mix of celebrity, opinion and beauty content, and you can read 'em all here. I also wrote something quite different on the subject of my other huge passion (Irish women's history), for female writing collective the Coven. I really, really loved doing this and will hopefully contribute again quite soon!

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New beauty launches have also been taking up some of my time (when I have it). I've had to pull out of a few last-minute over the past few weeks which was horrible, but what I did get to was great. MAC showed us what's coming soon - loads of beautiful eyeshadows and lipsticks, which I'll be sure to review in detail. Bourjois also had their summer launch, at which myself & Sinéad finally got to chat to one of our favourite blogging pals, Siobhán from LetzMakeup IRL! She's one of those people I felt that I already knew, but there's definitely something to be said for meeting in person, and hopefully we'll cross paths again very soon!

On that subject, it's really nice to have this network of people that I know through the blog - be it readers, Twitter folk (my friends always slag me for this), and of course fellow bloggers. The atmosphere is great at the moment and everyone is doing so well for themselves - our good friend Sue was featured on Xposé the other night, and I'm so happy and proud of her and how well she's doing. Another friend of ours, Sarah, has also been really busy for the past year working on something really special. BeauCo is basically Skyscanner for beauty - a price comparison site that should save us all on the usual twenty tabs that are opened in the process of beauty shopping online. It's a beautiful site and I hope you all love it as much as we do!

June 15, 2015

Beltsander Brownie: Dessert for Dieters!

If you follow any fitness folk on Instagram, you will likely be aware of the #beltsanderbrownie trend. For the uninitiated, this is simply a high protein, low carbohydrate microwave bake that satisfies all and every dessert craving and is beyond easy and quick to make.

June 08, 2015

Skincare Empties

I've been a bad blogger. I'm sorry. Sometimes, you just aren't feelin' it and, sometimes, real life gets in the way. Recently, it's been a bit of both. Given how the next few weeks are looking, this haphazard pattern is likely to continue but, I'll do my best to be more present. Now, let's talk empties!

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