November 07, 2015

Urban Decay De-Slick vs. MAC Fix+

Every blog post idea in my brain at the moment is a product comparison. I've been trying loads of bits out and it just so happens that a few of them are pretty similar. Shopping as a blogger is funny because you never know when something similar to what you've just bought might land in your lap the next week - not that I'm complaining. 

It makes for a pretty good knowledge of products and where they stand in my mental beauty hierarchy, as I'm constantly pondering over what is categorically the best product of its type in each category. Sometimes it just so happens that both products are brilliant, just in different ways - like this pair. Now, this isn't my first post on setting sprays - you can read more about other Urban Decay ones here and the Smashbox Primer Water review here - these two are just what I have currently and I really love them both.

For years I never understood the hype around MAC Fix+. Being quite oily, I was mad on looking matte and covered-up 24/7, and setting spray really just didn't figure into my chosen aesthetic. I actually thought people were mental to moisten their makeup straight after application, but there's a reason why people go nuts for this stuff. Personally, I love the fine mist that the bottle gives off (the best of any I've tried), and it really does something special to my makeup. It blends everything together and adds a certain glow without making you too shiny - essentially, I love this for making my makeup look that bit more natural and healthy. A great tip I picked up from Siobhán was to apply liquid base and concealer, use Fix+ at that stage and then powder a few minutes after when the product has dried down - this creates a serious glow, more so than when you mist as the final step. I don't know if this really makes my makeup last longer but that's not really the purpose of Fix+ - it just makes everything look, well, better!

Urban Decay's De-Slick isn't so much about meshing your makeup together as it is about making it stay put. As an oily skinned person I've been dying to try this, as I loved All Nighter in the past, and wanted to see how they compared. It's been ages since I used All Nighter so it's hard to know for sure, but I think I prefer De-Slick in terms of longevity. I tend to reach for this only for very long days when I want to wear a lot of makeup (or nights out where I wear as much makeup as physically possible). It really does keep oil at bay and makeup definitely lasts noticeably longer when I've spritzed this. At a recent masterclass with Urban Decay MUA Danielle Roberts (she's deadly) she showed us how she sometimes likes to mix the setting sprays and a blob of primer along with foundation in the palm of her hand in order to create a really amazing, glowy base. I've given it a go and it does work!

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