September 21, 2015

Skincare: Back to Basics

When skin goes a bit haywire, it's best to strip back on the products and concentrate on the best basics. I've had a great run of it with skin recently after the Murad Medi Peel, and overall my skin is still more uniform, but out of nowhere I got a few massive zits that really threw me. They were so big and sore that I was being pretty careful about what I was using, and came to stick to the same products more than ever.

I thought I'd quickly chat though all of the topical stuff (i.e. no masks, cleansers, toners etc) that I've been using and loving as part of a newly simplified routine. Everything I'm mentioning here is pretty gentle and I've repurchased it all, too - good going for a skincare junkie like me who can be quite easily swayed by a new release. I'd actually go as far as saying that all of these are pretty much best in class products!

Lacura Serum
This has been a game-changer for me. I'd normally say that serum is, like foundation, something I'm quite happy to shell out for, but I picked this up and gave it a shot after seeing how a few blogger has warmed to it. After three and a half weeks of using this in place of Hydraluron I can safely say that so far, my skin likes this hydrating serum just as much (if not more). It keeps my skin plump, happy and hydrated and although my skin can be quite sensitive, I've had no reaction to this at all. The best part? Its €5.99 from Aldi. I'll be stocking up!

NUXE Crème Fraiche de Beauté Light Cream
This is a cream I've repurchased so many times - in fact, I really rate entire line of Crème Fraiche products. This is a really hydrating cream, but it's the light version so works really well with oily skin. Make-up goes on really well over it, but I also love using this at night as my skin always looks very plump and comfortable the next day. A+++.

La Roche-Posay Eye Cream
This is part of one of LRP's best skincare ranges, Redermic. All Redermic products contain a measure of retinol, a proven ingredient for the purpose of reducing fine lines. I don't have loads of lines yet but prevention is better than cure, and I really do love this cream. It's light, sinks in fast, and doesn't irritate my eyes like many can. I do notice that this helps perk me up when my bags are particularly prominent, and feel happy to continue using this after trying a zillion creams that I wasn't too pushed on.

Kiehl's SPF
I'm actually sick of myself banging on about this stuff, but it is truthfully fantastic. I haven't found a better SPF for face - this sinks in fast and leaves a beautifully matte finish, akin to a primer. The protection is broad spectrum and I trust it. If you want to do one beauty favour to yourself, wear a high SPF daily. It's one of the only proven ways of slowing down the formation of wrinkles, etc - and at the rate I'm going, I'm expecting to look 25 forever (despite the fact that I'm now 26, and don't really have a problem with it).

I hope this was a useful post as sometimes I do get a bit bogged down in products (what a terrible complaint), and find it hard to whittle down to my absolute essentials that work every time, so I'm happy to have finally done it here! Are there any skincare bits I'm missing here - what products do you always come back to?

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