September 02, 2015

Dr Murad Medi Peel @ Edvard & Pink, Dundrum

Being obsessed with glycolic products as a means of keeping my oily skin in check, I was absolutely over the moon when offered the chance to try a professional treatment from Murad that uses a medical-grade peel. Sounds scary, but I was quite confident that my skin would take to it well as I use acid toners and retinol treatments as part of my daily routine.

This isn't billed as an uber-relaxing or soothing facial; it's a hardworking treatment with a lot of science behind it. That said, I still really enjoyed the pamper and came away incredibly relaxed and excited to see how my skin would react in the coming days. To give a bit of context, the peel penetrates deeper into the skin than any other Edvard and Pink facial treatment, and contains a blend of glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids, as well as vitamin A (a key ingredient in anti ageing products containing retinol - AKA the ones that work). After a thorough cleanse, this treatment is applied to the skin for a few minutes and then rinsed away - it does sting a bit, but not much worse than Alpha-H Liquid Gold if you've tried that. The peel is followed up by a hydrating mask to bring down redness, and the SPF is applied - essential when using any acid/retinol.

The below picture was taken straight after my treatment, which took just under an hour. The Murad peel claims to provides intense skin resurfacing, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and making for plumper, smoother, more radiant-looking skin overall. I was immediately happy with how my skin looked (albeit a bit red, which is totally normal), and it only improved as time went on.

The peel definitely brought up a few spots (nothing worse than what I deal with every month), but after that, there was a marked improvement in my skin. It was immediately smoother in texture and as days passed I noticed a better uniformity in terms of pigmentation, too. I felt like my skin had been re-programmed into looking more radiant and even, and I got less spots than usual for a few weeks as a result of the initial 'purge'.

No make up - nearly 2 months post-treatment

This is an expensive treatment, and I know it's kind of not a priority for most of us - I'd never really even had a proper facial before. If you are in the market, though, I definitely think that a treatment of this grade is worth investing in. The Murad peel is one that really delivers and I think my skin is still better behaved even two months after because of how deep it penetrates (though I did get a huge spot on my temple this week which is still going down). One or two of these would be great for a bride in the run-up to the wedding, or if you suffer with acne or scarring, it's definitely worth trying,

So, any opinions on peels - are you a lover of glycolic products? Would you invest a lot in treatments like this... or have you even had a facial before?!

The Dr. Murad facial peel starts at €90 and I was a guest of the salon.

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