September 07, 2015

Best of Irish Beauty Buys

How many Irish beauty products do you use? With so many successful brands, it's probably more than you think - sure even Penneys is Irish in origin! It's been a while since we shone a light on our favourite Irish beauty bits, so read on for my current 'best of'...

Cocoa Brown is one of the original Irish beauty success stories. We all know (and love) 1 Hour Tan at this stage, but I think my two favourite products from the brand to date are Gentle Bronze and Tough Stuff. If you're as ghostly pale as myself and tend to mess up fake tan, Gentle Bronze is your friend. It's a great gradual tanner that I find more or less foolproof to apply, and it doesn't stink to high heaven, either. The colour comes up on me as a nice light golden shade, nothing too alarming - just enough to take the edge off my natural blue-ish hue.

For tan removal, I really like Tough Stuff. A lot of the best scrubs are kind of expensive but a tube of this is affordable at €7.99 for 200ml. Full disclosure - I didn't like this being sold in sachets, it was messy and I always wanted more product. The tube is great, though, especially as I find myself using a lot if I'm removing a full body tan, and it's far less messy than a tub. It's a really fine, gritty scrub, I like the scent and it leaves my skin incredibly soft and smooth. It's my go-to scrub and I can't see myself deviating from it any time soon.

Waxperts are another pioneering Irish beauty brand, specialising in an uber-gentle, patented brand of wax that won't irritate or pull the skin. Now, I have to admit that I'm a total waxing wimp and only go for one when it's absolutely necessary (TMI? Probably TMI)... but I'm very tempted by their services. From watching Ellen's demos on her Snapchat (waxpertsellen - if you're not already following then do it!), it seems to be the most gentle and painless brand of wax, and very different from anything else I've experienced to date. Leading on from the success of this, Ellen and Trish have a couple of products to help those who wax with the various skin gripes that may pop up along the way.

Their star product is brilliant and you don't actually have to be a frequent waxer to make use of it. The Waxperts Ingrown Hair Pads are little circular discs, soaked in a formula containing salicylic acid, which helps combat not only ingrown hairs, but also spots and blackheads on any part of the body. I've found them great as the chemical exfoliant step of my skincare routine (similar to how you'd use the likes of Pixi Glow Tonic).

They definitely work on ingrown hairs, and also have taken down the mild KP (keratosis pilaris) that I've started getting on my forearms. They're very comparable to something like the First Aid Beauty pads, although I would like if they were soaked in just a little more of the liquid. At €7.99 for 40 pads, though, I really can't complain all that much - they're the cheapest product of this kind that I've been able to find on this side of the Atlantic. Regular use has made a huge difference to the appearance of my skin, and I really love how versatile they are.

Nima Brushes are a great success story from Irish make-up artist Niamh Martin - all of the brushes I've tried from the brand I've loved, but for the sake of brevity I'll just show my two favourite sin this post. The Blaithín brush is my go-to for contour and sculpting; I use this every day without fail, either with my Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit, or the Vichy Teint Ideal bronzer. For €16, this is great value for something I'm lost without - it does a great job at creating a convincing contour, and also works great for more precise application of blush. The Debs brush is also my go-to for blending eyeshadow under the waterline - it's really precise so I never end up taking the colour too far down, thus risking the 'heroin chic' look which I most definitely cannot pull off.

So that rounds up my current favourites from Irish beauty brands - tell me, am I missing anything? What do you think of what I've featured, and what are your favourite Irish beauty products and brands? Above all else, isn't it fantastic to see three Irish women doing so well with their own enterprises? It's amazing to see success of this calibre, and long may it continue!

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