May 18, 2015

Perfecting Powders

Gone are the days when I look for a powder to give me an added layer of coverage or colour. Today my preferences lean more towards a product that sets but, crucially, perfects the skin, working in tandem with my base instead of fighting against it. The result is a less cakey, more refined finish which is the type of make-up I feel suits me and my skin best. Let me quickly take you through three of my favourites (and the only powder brush you will ever need!).

I've banged on about the NARS Translucent Crystal Light Reflecting Pressed Powder before so, I'll keep it brief. This is my all time favourite powder (yes, even beating MAC MSF Natural) as the finish it gives the skin is like no other. The product is virtually invisible and, amazingly, mattifies while also leaving skin looking luminous. It feels silky smooth to the touch and looks even better. Oh, and happily, it seems quite readily available on Asos now which is good as counters are hit and miss with it.

As you can see, my NARS has seen better days and, as it is so sleek and portable, I am reserving the dregs for my handbag while attempting to finish up the supremely popular Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder. Again, this is a colourless, mattifying powder that lends itself to a flawless finish. It is not as illuminating as the NARS but, I put this down to the fact that it is a loose powder and, as such, is harder to control the amount used.

With both of those powders on their last legs, I had planned to repurchase the NARS but, a trip to a Sephora in Bilbao led me to buy the Sephora Prep & Perfect Smoothing & Brightening Powder. I had never even heard of this before so, it was a total punt but, I thought the feel and the bright, whiteness of the powder was similar to the NARS and, at around €13, a hell of a lot cheaper. Long story short, I do really like this. It's not as good as the NARS but, then, no powder has ever managed to replicate that subtle balance between matte and luminous for me. I do find that too much product can leave a whitecast on the skin but, otherwise, it sets my foundation beautifully, doesn't crease and creates a very even base for bronzer/blush.

And finally, the brush. This baby is the ecoTools Mattifying Finishing Brush. New to the market as part of the Complexion Collection, it promises to control shine and leave skin looking flawless. Both Dee and I agree that this is a stellar brush and, for €10.99, it even surpasses my beloved Make Up For Ever brush that retails at five times the price!

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