May 12, 2015

Makeup Nostalgia

I’ve been meaning to sit down and bash this post out for ages, since reading this over on Laura’s blog. I absolutely love reminiscing with friends about the godawful makeup and beauty mistakes we made over the years, so it’s high time I brought them to the blog, too. If this post stirs up memories of your own, don’t forget to share them down below…

First makeup item ever purchased?
I honestly can’t remember, but I know that I began creeping the aisles of Boots religiously from the age of about eleven or twelve, ‘just to look’. This was probably also because I loved nail polish long before I ever wore a scrap of makeup. Some of the first items I remember using on my face were a clear mascara from Natural Collection, and a No7 powder. The glamour.

First MAC item?
MAC was an exotic, intimidating mystery to me until I was about sixteen or seventeen. I can remember being really excited about buying Studio Fix powder foundation on a school trip to Paris in fifth year, so let’s go with that!

First MAC/other brand collection?
I didn’t get into the limited edition stuff until I was in my twenties and started watching YouTube – before then I only ever really made the pilgrimage into MAC to repurchase my Studio Fix! The first collection that I really went mental over was Venemous Villains in 2010. I definitely didn’t need all that I got from the collection, but still have every item – Heartless is my all-time favourite MAC lipstick, it’s the most perfect darkish blue-toned red.

First high end make up splurge?
I actually remember this quite well – I was fifteen and had a bit of cash saved up. It was a Saturday afternoon and I got the bus into town with a couple of lad friends. They went off to HMV and I wandered into Arnotts, and ended up buying three bits from Benefit – Dandelion blush, a Play Stick foundation and Bad Gal Lash. I thought I was the height of sophistication, but also suffered with crippling guilt for spending that much money in one day. I definitely got the mileage out of those products, though – the mascara in particular was on the go for far too long!

First makeover experience?
I remember having my make-up done for my auntie’s wedding, it involved pink eyeshadow and I thought I looked gorgeous. I was never really into getting my make-up ‘done’ until I needed to for my Debs. I went to the Laura Mercier counter and I think they did a nice job – at the time I thought it wasn’t enough coverage, but looking back I think my skin looked great.

First makeup brush?
I had loads of awful ones and often just used my hands for foundation until I got my hands on the MAC 187 when I was in sixth year. The SA talked me into buying that one rather than a flat foundation brush – how right she was! The thing was never washed often enough back then but it’s stood the test of time. I still have it and mostly use it for powder these days.

First eyeshadow?
I used to have this palette when I was in school that a friend got me for my birthday – I have no idea of the brand but it was nicely pigmented and, incidentally, included shades that I still go for now – lots of warm golds and bronzes. Only odd thing about it was the fact that it was a zodiac themed palette, which in my case (Cancer), meant that the shades were laid out in the shape of a crab. Charming. I also had a mint green cream eyeshadow from Urban Decay that was a long-term favourite during secondary school – the less said about that, the better. Now, even the Naked palette seems almost retro to me and I rarely wheel it out – though it totally changed my eyeshadow game when I first bought it.

First skincare investments?
Our very first posts on this blog back in 2010 were about our skincare routines. By that stage I had already started to spend money on some good brands like Vichy and La Roche Posay, but I suppose bigger ‘investments’ came later on when I started to spend on stuff like face masks by Origins and REN, which I still really rate.

First nail polish owned?
This in honestly impossible to remember, so I’m just going to go with what I remember loving that would be unfathomable for me to wear at present. From about 2009 onwards I was absolutely obsessed with Barry M and Gosh nail polishes, as well as anything laden with glitter.

First fake tan attempt?
St Tropez was always something I used for special occasions when I was younger and it always worked out well. I also bought Vita Liberata when I was like fifteen and it was another excellent tan – I still love both brands. The real disasters occurred last-minute when lashing on the instant tan pre-night-out. Basically, nobody should use Sunshimmer in the quantities that myself and my friends did.

More Make up Memories…

- The obsession with OPI Metro Chic and Bubble Bath.

- Revlon Colourstay foundation.

- That Bourjois lip stain that came into a pot.

- Rimmel lipsticks from way before Kate Moss was involved.

- Rimmel Hide the Blemish.

- Max Factor Crème Puff (my granny still uses this and the smell always reminds me of her).

- Black and blue Rimmel kohl eyeliner (this is starting to sound like a Rimmel advertorial, but my resources were limited back then…)

- Lancome Juicy Tubes and Rimmel Jelly Gloss.

- Too Faced Lip Injection (which, incidentally, was all the rage when I was Kylie Jenner's age).

- Barry M Dazzle Dusts.

- No eyebrow products whatsoever, save for the odd bit of shiny, clear mascara.

- Using my fingers for everything except for powder.

- Having a mini Bourjois lip gloss on a charm attached to my schoolbag. Necessary, right?!

...that’s everything I have! So many hilarious memories of thinking I was only massive when I clearly not. Feel free to unload your own horror stories by leaving a comment!

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