April 21, 2015

The Cult Skincare Duo

This pair of products have to be up there with the most-hyped skincare, like, ever. I am totally guilty of buying into this kind of beauty product hype and of course it doesn't always work out, but I have to say that hopping onto the Caroline Hirons skincare bandwagon has really paid off for me.

Since switching to primarily glycolic exfoliants a couple of years ago now, my skin has really reaped the benefits. I am prone to horrible bouts of hormonal acne, have a naturally uneven skin texture and more than my share of blackheads, but ditching foaming face washes and using this kind of product instead has really helped me to keep everything more or less under control, and now a chemical exfoliant features in my skincare routine pretty much every day. Pixi Glow Tonic is definitely a favourite for everyday use - I picked up a huge bottle in London the year before last and really missed it once it was all gone. I like the Clarins exfoliating toner but this is a little more affordable and I find the bottle lasts me longer - it's now available on ASOS meaning I can get my hands on it far too easily.

Need I even introduce Serozinc?! We've both banged on about it incessantly on the blog but if you've yet to try it, you're totally in luck as it's become far more widely available than ever before. Pharmacies around Ireland are beginning to stock the cult blue cans (comment below if yours does!), and it's also easy to snag one online over on Escentual. Whatever way you get your hands on it, Serozinc is totally worth hunting down as it's a total multi-tasker. I use it as a hydrating mist post-Glow Tonic, as a refreshing spritz during the day, and also as a soothing antidote for any redness, spots or irritation my skin might be suffering from. It's brilliant stuff and I always miss it as soon as I run out - a sure sign of a cult product.


  1. Really want to try these -especially the La Roche, it's a brand I've been ️loving lately.

  2. I like the Serozinc and I'm delighted I don't have to go to eBay for it now! Still haven't tried the Pixi x


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