April 13, 2015

Make-Up for Hooded Lids

I got some lovely comments on my Esqido lashes review so, thank you for that! Most agreed that $40 on falsies was a bit silly and quite a few requested a rundown of my make-up in the accompanying pictures so, I thought I would do that today. This eye look is particularly suited to hooded lids so, I will share some of my tips for dealing with that particular affliction too!
This is my go-to eye look for going out and the lip combo, which you will have seen before, is one of my favourites as the shade is so versatile and a true hark back to the supermodel lip of the 90s.

For hooded lids, I have two application tips to share. Firstly, the technique I used on the eyes is not so different from that which I run through step-by-step here. However, in the above look, I don't join the outer corner to the lower lashline. This is a handy one for those with hooded lids as it creates the illusion of depth at the crease while still allowing some of the brightness on the lid to show through at the outer corner.

The second tip is to do with winged eyeliner and hooded eyes. The only way I can get it to work for me is to angle my liner straight out towards my temples (as opposed to upwards) and to start the wing at the lower lashline. This  will ensure that your liner doesn't a) disappear into your hooded crease and b) leave you with that horrible curly "flick" that results when the skin of the hooded lid cuts into the line you have so painstakingly drawn.


  1. Your eye make up is fabulous I love it xx

  2. Thanks a mil for this post you look stunning. I off to buy some of those products to try and recreate this look.


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