April 06, 2015

Benefit Roller Lash

It's super-rare that I review a mascara in-depth on the blog; I kind of know what I like and stick to it. I have fairly long and dark lashes as it is so my before and after pictures aren't the most dramatic. I appreciate a good mascara as much as the next person, though - and it's taken me quite a while to make my mind up about this one.

Benefit's latest offering, Roller Lash*, is definitely a bells-and-whistles job. Benefit tend to go hard when it comes to promising what a product will deliver - this is supposed to hook, lift and curl lashes all in one coat. I really like curling my lashes but am quite lazy about it (and really need to get a better one), so the idea of any mascara that will curl for me is always appealing. It gives me quite a sixties 'dolly' lash look, which I dig.

I am also a fan of They're Real, but this is far better for day-to-day wear because it's so much easier to remove. That's not to say that it doesn't wear well during the day, though; it doesn't flake or smear on me at all. One coat applied carefully will not clump - I like how natural and believable the look it gives is. The curl does droop during the day but I can't say that it bothers me much because the overall look is exactly what I like - not too OTT, but nicely defined and very black.

Obviously this is not cheap, if you're into mascara I think it's worth investing in because it's lasting me ages without drying out at all. I adore the packaging, it kind of harks back to the original Benefit range; Bathina, Dr Feelgood, etc. It's a nice sturdy tube and the writing hasn't worn off or anything like that - sounds pedantic, but I just detest when that kind of thing happens! Overall, if you like the defined 'dolly' lash look, I think you'll get on really well with this.

L: One coat of Roller Lash. R: No mascara.

Have you tried Roller Lash? Any other mascaras that you think are just as good for less than €26?


  1. yep I love it! got the sample in Elle mag then bought a full sized one at an event with a discount. I'm not into flash lashes & I love the way this gives an effect! A lot of people have said the Maybeline one is a good dupe? next on the list is the little black primer lol

  2. Your lashes look great either way, Dee! I do like this, I got the little sample with Elle and I was surprised how much I liked it because I wasn't a fan of They're Real at all. The only problem for me is the price - it's more expensive than a lot of the Estee Lauders, NARS or MAC, and I wouldn't consider Benefit a high-end brand. I bought the new Max Factor and Maybelline ones instead, both have similar brushes - and both cost under €26 combined!

  3. I love the look of them on your lashes! They didn't do much for me though.

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  4. Ah totally agree with the doll eyes - your lashes look ah-mazing xx


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