April 24, 2015

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector - Rose Gold

Highlighter is my crack. It is my favourite item of make-up, second only to lipstick (duh). I love how transformative it is; how it can take me from looking dead to, well, passable for human on my worst days. I actually have a wishlist of highlighters (very specific, I know), and for the longest time Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector has been on it.

It's not actually bothering me a whole lot, but this past year is the first during which I've detected a few changes in my skin that would point towards what billion-dollar corporations like us to call 'the first signs of ageing' - I'd call it life! My skin's a bit drier and duller and I'm more attentive to concealing and brightening my undereyes than I was before. Not the end of the world.

These small, gradual changes mean that I'm looking favourably on products that weren't previously top of my list - anything that's a 'glow-giver' now piques my interest because I hate looking tired. I was always a lover of powder highlighters but this product from Becca* has reminded me just how awesome the liquid ones are.

This is an expensive product, but you do get 50ml in a very elegant tube. I can see this lasting me absolutely ages, even with everyday use. If it doesn't last as long as I'm predicting, the pump mechanism would most likely be to blame. It's difficult to control and usually deposits more product than I actually need, but I still love the stuff.

I highly recommend this for so many reasons. The glow it gives is very fine - more a reflective 'glow', and the warmth of the shade (Rose Gold) also helps give a bit more life and 'oomph' to my pale complexion. I've used this both mixed in with my foundation and as a standalone highlighter with a duo-fibre brush - it works equally well both ways. I love how awake it makes me look, and the liquid product dries down quite fast meaning it doesn't interfere with the rest of my makeup, even powder.

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