March 10, 2015

NYX Revisited

My initial post about NYX (including a full list of Irish stockists) is enduringly popular on this site; with this in mind, I thought it might be interesting for you to see how I'm getting on with the brand almost a year since it launched into Ireland. To be honest, not a lot has changed, there's just more products to love...

NYX Lipliners - Natural, Peekaboo Neutral and Mauve

My absolute favourite product by NYX, hands down, would be the lipliners - just look how short and stubby mine are at this stage! I love the creamy formula and the selection of shades is really vast, but the neutrals are particularly great. I use one of these almost daily and the quality is absolutely on a par with MAC. Natural is a great mid-toned nude with a slight hint of peach, Peekaboo Neutral is Natural's pinker cousin, and Mauve is what could be called 'contour for lips' - it adds shape and dimension, and can be used with a multitude of nudes, but I love it best with Charlotte Tilbury's Nude Kate.

NYX Wonder Pencil*

This arrived at a great time for me as I'd just been nearing the end of my favourite nude liner, the Rimmel Scandaleyes one. I'd rate this one as just as good, and it's made a perfect replacement. The pale colour is great for opening up the eyes and making me look awake and alert, even on my very worst days. It also makes for a great matte highlight under the brow or on the cupid's bow.

NYX Blush - Taupe

I've mentioned this before in a couple of posts and I still think this is the best affordable contour shade out there, especially if you're pale like me. It is pigmented but not ridiculously so, which is actually a bonus as it's easy to blend and apply. The shade is perfect for creating a believable shadow in the hollows of the cheeks, rather than the orange stripes I'm seeing far too much of my my Instagram feed!

NYX Lipstick - Indie Flick

Another little gem. I really rate the matte lipsticks from NYX - they're comfortable, creamy, super-pigmented and not overly drying. You might remember it from this post, as I've found it to be a pretty great dupe for NARS Heat Wave.

Swatched (R-L): NYX Wonder Pencil in Light, NYX Natural, NYX Peekaboo Neutral, NYX Mauve, NYX Indie Flick.

Let me know what your favourite NYX product is - and is there anything else you'd like to see reviewed? Don't forget we have a full list of stockists here. Oh, and we're actually running an NYX giveaway over on our Facebook page, which will be closing in the next couple of days. Don't forget to enter below!


  1. Great post. I love the blushes and liners, the jumbo eye pencils come in some nice shades too, some of the bronzey ones are lovely on. Loving the butter glosses, didn't think I would at all, also love the matte lipsticks. But their lipliners are just fantastic!

  2. I really love the NYX lip pencils I have! Their blushes are phenomenal too.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  3. Your lips look amazing in the photo xx

  4. Love the matte Lipsticks too, very easy to wear. Still haven't managed to get my hands on Taupe, it never seems to be in stock. Must give the lip liners a try I'm always looking to expand my collection!

    Emma x

  5. There is no stockist near me! I STILL haven't got to a stand. Absolutely raging.


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