March 11, 2015

Giorgio Armani Sí EDT - Springtime in a Bottle!

You all know I am quite picky about scents. I hate anything overly floral or that makes me smell like a cupcake. My last two favourite perfumes have been by Estée Lauder; Modern Muse, followed by Modern Muse Chic, and with my bottle of Chic running perilously close to empty, I had been wondering what my next fragrance would be. Something spring-like, I was sure but, how to marry the lighter notes associated with the season with my own affinity for something heavier, more musky? Enter Giorgio Armani Sí Eau de Toilette* or, as I have dubbed it, springtime in a bottle!

Sí EDT is the follow-up to the incredibly popular Sí Eau de Parfum. The EDT, as you can probably guess, is closely related but, much lighter and brighter than the original. On first sniff, I didn't think I would like it at all. It was floral to the point of smelling powdery and had a distinct fruitiness that I knew would make me feel ill. However, the dry-down on this really opens up the underlying notes of musk, amber woods and patchouli, resulting in a unique scent that manages to have depth without losing its softness, exactly what I was looking for in a spring scent. 

Despite being an EDT, Sí part deux has serious staying power. I frequently catch it wafting up from my wrists as I type in work and can still smell it on my scarf/hair/clothes the next day. Had this perfume not shed its floral top notes as it dried down, its longevity would have resulted in one very nauseous Sinead but, because those richer undertones do come through, Sí EDT gets two thumbs up for me. 

30ml - €52.00 // 50ml - €68.00 // 100ml €91.00
Available nationwide 1st April and from Arnotts 8th March


  1. sounds perfect for Spring, light scent, must look out for it

  2. Sounds lovely, must try! Feel like I need a new scent in my collection :) A. xx

  3. So beautiful and interesting post, darling! Love your blog and the way you write!
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet


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