March 02, 2015

Face Mask Situation

Face masks are a total addiction for me. 80% of my Snapchats involve one because more often than not, I'm prone to slapping one on when I'm relaxing at home. I am careful not to overdo it, of course, but I really do rely on them to purge my skin and keep it as clear as possible.

As illustrated above, I've been known to have a bit of craic with sheet masks like the Hydraluron ones, and I might as well give my two cents on those while I'm here. The price is definitely an issue to me -  they are damn expensive and I would only ever buy them if they were on offer in Boots (which Indeed Labs products often are). Having said that, each time I've used this I have really reaped the benefits - my skin just drinks these masks, and my skin looks far plumper and better-rested after using one. I think they're worth it for a special occasion or quick fix, although I'd recommend using them at night so you can use the excess, er, goop as a treatment overnight.

So, back to the other masks. I'll start with one that I've mentioned before - I'm still getting on famously with the Cattier clay mask, which I previously wrote about here. There's not much to add to that review, to be totally honest - it's a really great clay mask at a good price. I've tried a bunch of clay masks at this stage and, having loved most of them, I'm really wondering about GlamGlow. I've yet to try any of their products but am really wondering how they live up to the hype, especially considering the price (for comparison's sake, Cattier is about €11 - €15).

And finally, a micro-exfoliating mask that I'd been dying to try for the longest time - meet the Nude Miracle Mask. This came highly recommended from Sarah so, when I saw it in the Space NK January sale, I didn't hesitate and snapped it up. This is another one of those masks that used glycolic ingredients to refine and exfoliate the skin - this one also contains rice beads as well as the hero ingredient of the moment, hyaluronic acid.

I can't say that I noticed the hyaluronic acid as I would in other products, but this definitely does leave my skin brighter, softer and clarified. I do really like this but it is expensive at full price, and I can't say that it does anything that the cheaper REN Glycolactic mask does not. It's lasting me a long time and while I am totally enjoying it, I probably won't buy it again and would plump for the REN or else something new, maybe from Elemental Herbology, next time I'm looking for a brightening mask,

Any other masks I should try? I'm interested in anyone's thoughts on GlamGlow in particular!

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