February 08, 2015

This Week, I’ve Been…

Reading… or rather, flicking through Pretty Honest. My book post was something a lot of you seemed to enjoy, so I will do another as soon as I've ploughed through enough books to warrant one!  I'm always sifting through plenty of articles, both on and offline. Here’s a few of the most memorable ones from this week…

Fifty Shades of Grey and the Anti-Feminist Critique

‘From the day Christian and Ana meet, he seeks total control over her, from asking her to sign a highly-detailed sex contract (the terms of which are discussed as he plies Ana with alcohol), to deciding which gynecologist she will see (under his supervision, in his home) and what birth control method she will use.’

'He said his daughter “was a victim of the cruelty of nature - nothing else - the cruelty of nature, something that she could not control”.'

Bronx Beauty: Struggling with addiction, my friend still made it home 

'For the next three years, as my project deepened, I looked forward to my time with Beauty. Mostly it was late-night conversations on empty streets, but being her friend also meant spending time in hospitals, prisons and other sad institutions.'


I’ve been following Wolf Hall on TV as I’m a big Hilary Mantel fan. Oh, and I'm close to finishing Marco Polo on Netflix... it's fine, a good filler show but nothing amazing. It was a slow burner for me as I'd been watching it on and off since December, I'm terrible for doing that! 

Over on YouTube, Sam Chapman's Michelle Visage tutorial was my absolute favourite of the week, and MAC Stone lipliner has now been added to my ever-growing list!

Buying… not a lot, but I did pick up some new socks and a top in Penneys. I had a voucher with €24 left on it, and the items came to €24. Don’t you just love when that happens?!

Wearing... it's been absolutely freezing yet again this week, so my ASOS Chelsea boots and beanie have practically been my uniform. Love and recommend both, by the way - the hat has been a revelation for me as hardly any suit me, but this one works somehow!


The BeautyBlender and Anastasia Brow Wiz. I ordered both from Cult Beauty last week, and I have to say I'm an immediate convert to the BeautyBlender. I've only used it a couple of times but can't get over how good it is - it's totally changed how I apply and even think about foundation. Deep. See Sinéad's full BeautyBlender review (and comparison with the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge here. As for the Brow Wiz, it's just a total staple for me at this stage. Love.

In terms of eye make-up, I've rediscovered L’Oréal Miss Manga - I didn't love this mascara at first but it seriously just seems to get better and better as it dries out, probably as it is a very wet formula to begin with. MAC Coppering & Amber Lights mixed together have also proved to be a winning combination - I've Jaclyn Hill to thank for the idea!

And finally, lips, A lot of you were interested in the Penneys lipliner I picked up - it's honestly brilliant for the money (almost as good as MAC Pro Longwear liners), and I'll definitely be trying more of them!

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  1. Loved this post! That Michelle Visage tutorial was brilliant, wish I could do makeup like that! The lipliner was a great find. Pretty Honest is excellent, I think it will take me months to get through because I want to absorb it!! x


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