February 01, 2015

Serozinc in Ireland

We have good news. Very good, in fact - it seems that we can finally order Serozinc to our doorsteps from a reliable source for a semi-decent price. Now, I had previously picked it up from Amazon a couple of times but I was definitely paying over the odds, and sellers were popping up and disappearing faster than I could keep track of.

Escentual has currently got the UK exclusive on Serozinc for a fair £8.50 - currently down to £7.20 - and a can will last quite a while. Now, when this first came to light we both read the fine print and then heaved a sigh - it's UK-only. I've heard from a couple of bloggers and readers since that have had no problem with it arriving safely via Parcel Motel - a parcel forwarding service that works quite well if you want to buy from a retailer that won't normally deliver to Ireland. We use it quite a bit for Space NK, Liberty etc to save on shipping so, if you'd like a post on that and other online shopping hacks, just let us know.

So back to Serozinc and its cult status. Like most skincare trends, this started out with a blog post by Caroline Hirons. Fast-forward a year or so and we're all going mental for the stuff. The ingredients are pretty simple; hermal water, zinc sulphate and sodium chloride combined in a can. The product does absolute wonders to calm and soothe irritated skin - brilliant for breakouts, and for clarifying the skin in general. You can read Sinéad's review of Serozinc here, and also find out more about why it's great for oily skin here. Safe to say it's worth trying out - you won't regret it!


  1. I love Parcel Motel, and would like more online shopping hacks please!

  2. Cool, we'll have to rustle something up :)


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