February 19, 2015

Foundation Maths

I have been meaning to do this post for the longest time because in truth, it's quite rare these days that I only wear one foundation. It might seem excessive but I love mixing my own concoctions in order to achieve the perfect finish and shade. I think it's a great way to get through what you have rather than buying yet another - so don't knock it 'till you've tried it!

Now, here's a sentence I never thought I'd be typing. Keep reading for some of my favourite equations...

Dior Star + Make Up For Ever HD =  complete and utter skin perfection.

I mean, this is a pretty straightforward sum. Combine two of the best foundations, like, ever, and you won't really go far wrong. I adore both of these foundations on their own but my shade of HD can be just a smidge too dark by itself; mixed with the more obvious pink tones of Dior Star, the shade appears a lot more balanced and matches me really well.

I also find that the two mixed seem to last really well on me. The finish of either of these foundations solo is fantastic, so naturally the two combined are a dream. I mentioned 'hyper-real' skin on Tuesday - this it totally it.

Any 'HD' foundation + Laura Mercier Silk Creme or MAC Studio Fix = perfected skin with extra coverage.

Sometimes, when my skin is coming up a little two red, blotchy or blemished for my liking, I don't want to spend ages faffing with concealer after foundation. I want great coverage, and I want it straight away. Of course sometimes I'll go for one of my heaviest foundations on its own, but I'm finding that my skin has been drier and more dehydrated than ever before this winter, so I've been experimenting.

I find that one of my 'HD' foundations (Dior Star or MUFE HD) combined with a heavier formula works really well to cover but still look 'skin-like' - not overly matte or powdery. This combo is also my favourite for nights out as you get the HD finish but with better coverage and lasting power - win-win!

Any 'too-dark' foundation + Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation in Porcelain = a great match.

Sometimes NC15 is too dark for me - I am very pale! I've had this Bobbi Brown foundation forever - I love how pale it is and the finish is lovely and natural. Sadly though, if I wear this alone, my skin basically eats it. The formula is water-based. which is no match for my oiliness. It's a shame as I think it's a great basic foundation and would totally recommend it if your skin is normal to dry.

I'm really happy that I've found a use for it, though - I use it to mix shades all the time as it's so lovely and pale. The viscous, blendable nature of the formula means that it mixes great with just about anything I've tried. I've also started using it the odd time just to 'sheer out' some of my heavier formulas, and it works an absolute treat.

So, while we're on the subject, what foundation are you looking to try next? Simone and Laura have been making me want to try Clarins Extra Comfort for months. I'm also mad for the new NARS, and now I've got Bobbi Brown on the brain again, I really wouldn't mind giving one of their longer-lasting bases a go...


  1. A chance to post my list!

    Alright, 100% repurchasing 1. YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat as soon as Lauder Perfectionist runs out. I've been sold on 2. Clarins Extra Comfort by Simone too, but might wait until summer so I don't have to dilute the lightest shade with as much Face Atelier Zero Minus. 3. Bourjois CC Cream - still haven't got it, and am bleedin' despreh to actually own a bottle after months of swatching in the chemist. 4. Finally, the new Nars one. I dunno how I've managed to forget the name because I have deep creeped reviews for weeks. Nars Luminous Something? Idk, but I need it.

    Anyway, I'm off to buy and win big on scratch cards.

  2. I really want to try the Dior star next after reading yours and Sineads reviews of it! Mad to get the Charlotte Tilbury one, I got it for my mam for christmas and she loved it. I sometimes mix foundations, especially if one is slightly too dark, it works a treat!

  3. Returning to say I nearly cracked and bought the new Nars fella, only the lady on the counter said they don't give samples of new foundation. Bish, whet?

  4. I really need to try the Dior Star! Laura Mercier never did it for me, tried any kind of application and still it separated on my face.


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