February 27, 2015

Concealer: Two Cheap Favourites

Since I realised that multiple layers of foundation do me absolutely no favours, I've been all about the concealer, my consumption of which has pretty much doubled. I still have a couple of high-end favourites, of course (saving that for another post), but yesterday I ran into Boots after work to replace my two cheap favourites, so figured I might as well show you. 

The first concealer will be of zero surprise to you if you read this (or any) blog. Yep, the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer is still reigning supreme in my stash - I keep one pretty much everywhere; at home, at work, and in nearly every handbag that I own. It's amazing if you're in a pinch because it covers everything; eye bags, redness, and all but the most horrific of zits. It lasts and it doesn't feel at all heavy or caked onto skin. 

I buy one almost every time I see it in Boots, as the lightest shade is frequently out of stock. Even if your skintone is a little deeper, I'd totally recommend trying this as a subtle, non-shimmery highlight. 

Maybelline's FIT Me concealer has quietly become another all-time favourite of mine - it's just brilliant for under the eyes. I recently ran out of my beloved Clarins Instant Concealer and while I will still purchase that again at some stage, the FIT me concealer is the closest dupe that I've come across, drugstore or otherwise.  It covers really well but also has a very subtle brightening effect, which means that I do sometimes go a little OTT with this and do the Kim K triangle trick just for fun and an extra highlight. The shade of this also works really well for me. As much as I love Maybelline's The Eraser, the palest of the trio of shades they do here in Irelabd isn't really that pale, and I do have to work with it to make it look right. 

Once blended, I find that this sits really well on the skin, especially on the delicate undereye area. The quality of the formula totally surpasses the price, and I always look forward to using this!

So tell me - am I missing any other cheap concealer gems? And would you like a similar post on my favourite high-end ones? Let me know! 


  1. have you tried the rimmel wake me up concealer? how do you think it compares with the maybelline fit me? thanks x

  2. Yes to the Maybelline FIT me, it has surpassed everything for me. And looks so great after hours of work, no creasing! Still looks good like! I picked this up when I couldn't get the eraser in the light shade and I'm delira I did!!

  3. I have been singing the praises of the Collection concealer on my blog this week. It really is great! I use the lightest shade too - and always bulk buy online.

  4. I have and I think that it's more illuminating than the Maybelline and offers less coverage!

  5. That's a great idea actually, I could do with ordering about 5!


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