February 14, 2015

Brand Focus: Tom Ford

Mr. Ford has a lot of my money, and I don't regret it.

The range is notoriously high-end and though I will ususally use vouchers towards any purchase from his line, the fact remains that the prices are premium. I'm not blogging about Tom Ford simply to show off a load of swag - I want to discuss why I think the products are insanely good and totally worth the splurge for a special occasion - it is Valentine's Day today, after all!

The Perfumes

Let's begin with scent. I have an obsession with Ford's fragrances and if money was no object, I would most likely own them all. To borrow a phrase from Sali Hughes, they all simply 'ooze sex'.

I'm fairly sure I've mentioned Black Orchid on the blog before. I'm not a good writer when it comes to describing scent but this is one of my top heady, sexy perfumes of all time. It's dark and full-on but has an element of sweetness - almost chocolately notes - that help the scent retain something quite different. An all-time favourite.

New to the Tom Ford range is Velvet Orchid. This is at its most basic level a daytime-appropriate, won't-scare-your-colleagues version of Black Orchid. It's lighter but no less complicated; what I think makes this different, and perhaps a more PC perfume,  is the stronger presence of floral notes. Stunning.

The Lipstick

When the Tom Ford makeup line launched, lipstick was the product that got the most attention, and rightly so; they're big, they're eye-catching and they're damn expensive. I have one (True Coral), and I have to say it's one of my very favourite lipsticks.

I haven't found a shade quite like it yet, and the texture is incredible; light, hydrating, balmy - but still completely packed with pigment. Totally worth it once in a blue moon, in my honest opinion - I'd love another!

The Eyeshadow Quad

If I had to pick just one eyeshadow palette to use for the rest of my life, this would be a hot favourite - and there's only four shades! The pigment, the selection of colours and textures and how they all can work together in a zillion and one different ways are all what makes this palette really, really special to me. I try new eyeshadows all the time but there is something very definitive about these ones. They're silky and buttery all at once, super-easy to blend and last forever even without a primer. Especially if you have a voucher knocking around, this is an incredible investment that you'll get serious mileage out of - I use it in equal amounts for day and night-time looks.

So, liking the look of anything? Got another Tom Ford product I should try? Do tell me!.


  1. Great overview!! I bought a few Tom Ford products a year ago but for some reason was initially underwhelmed, then started using them this past season and now it's one of my favourite brands!!! I have both Orchid fragrances and Jasmine Rouge, but there are a few more I am eyeing up now.... I think the Lips and Boys are a nice way to discover the lipsticks; they are reasonably priced and there are so many gorgeous colours!!

  2. awe the Palette looks right up my street. Will have to try one at some stage!

  3. I adore tom ford scents!

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  4. I've wanted one of the eyeshadow palettes forever but haven't been able to fully convince myself that it's OK.. Yet! I think my issue is the sponge applicators!? Why cheapen the overall look of the palette by including them? I just don't get it..


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