January 15, 2015

The Micro Nail: Worth It?

The Micro Nail is almost like a Clarisonic for your talons; it buffs away ridges and discolouration to healthier, shinier nails. It's a great solution for those days when you just don't have time to do your nails properly but still want them to appear clean, neat and groomed.

My nails are healthy-ish; I decided to pass this on to a friend who'd had one to many manicures and was really interested to see what the Micro Nail could do for her. Here's what Sarah had to say...

I am a self-confessed gel nail addict but I had noticed that as a result of constantly having them done, my natural nails were beginning to suffer badly underneath. As a result I attempted a home removal that went horribly wrong and I basically ended up destroying my nails altogether. Even after repeated filing and buffing they still flaked and chipped so easily and then along came the MICRO Nail.

MICRO Nail is an electric buffer that comes with detachable heads, one for buffing away ridges and another that brings the nail to a sparkling high-shine. The results were brilliant as you can see from the picture, my nails went from flaky, dull and uneven to perfectly smooth and shiny in minutes. It’s a great quick fix for an at-home manicure as polish glides on after.

The MICRO Nail comes with 4 roller replacements and batteries and would make a lovely gift, but I feel it’s a little pricey at €49.95, the €30mark would make it more accessible in my mind!

The Micro Nail is for sale on and in Boots stores for €49.95. This includes 2 Micro Smooth and 2 Micro Shine rollers along with batteries. Replacement roller packs are sold in sets of four, priced at €14.95. So what do you guys think? Worth the investment for shiny nails? Or will you stick to an ordinary buffer?


  1. this is on offer on their website for €39.95 and in Argos for €41.99....I got one in argos at lunchtime on the back of this review!!! can't wait to use it....

  2. Good to hear you got it on offer, and thanks for trusting our review :)


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