January 07, 2015

On Being Kinder

I haven't made a New Years resolution in a good 15 years but, this year I will. In 2015, I resolve to be kinder.

To other people.

To myself.

Especially to myself.

I do think I am generally a kind person. Sure, I get a bit crabby at times, a bit unjustly snappy (who doesn't?!) but,  I always endeavour to be kind to family, to friends, to strangers. I can't say that I always try as hard with myself.

I can be notoriously hard on myself.

I can beat myself up and not let things go.

I can display a shocking lack of self-confidence and it ultimately holds me back.

But, I know better than to think like this.

So, in knowing better, I resolve to do better in 2015. In the form of being kinder to myself. In the form of being nicer to myself.

While these not-so-kind traits I've identified in myself are applicable across the board; work, life, relationships, they are probably easiest to illustrate if I talk about them in terms of my feelings towards food, diet, health and body image as it's something we probably all have experience of struggling with at some point.

I made big strides - huge - in 2014 with regards to getting healthier, losing weight and getting closer to the body I want. I worked hard and reaped the rewards but, instead of always feeling proud, I would often feel like it wasn't enough. Gain a pound? Beat myself up. Lose a pound? Why wasn't it two? I wasn't being kind to myself and it wasn't a healthy mentality to have.

The same goes for work and play. Have a bad day? Write off the entire week. Argue with a loved one? It's all my fault. Clearly not a very rational or positive way to live and I wanted to make a change. I wanted to go easier on myself.

I've used the first few days of this new year to reflect and to take stock. Life throws enough shit at us, we don't need to add being hard on ourselves into the bargain. So, 2015 will be about being kinder, including to myself, and I encourage all of you to do the same. 

We deserve it.


  1. That's a really lovely post Sinead! Think we could all take a little (or a lot, in my case) from it. It's a great resolution to have! x

  2. What an amazing resolution to make, I'm exactly the same - focusing on what's to be done instead of reflecting on how good life is. Great post!

  3. I hear you I found it useful to try and notice what I'm saying to myself and ask if I'd speak to a friend that way. We're our own worst critics but need to be our own best friends!


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