January 06, 2015

Morning Skincare: Oily/Dehydrated

Despite the fact that skincare is, well, kind of a huge deal to me, I haven't actually touched on my routine in absolutely ages. You can read my last bumper skincare routine post here - I still like and stand by everything there, but I've switched up products and trailed a few gems since then, so I thought my latest routine might be worth sharing. 

For the sake of brevity, I'm splitting these posts up over the next while - and what better place to start than with my morning routine?! Yay. I am not a morning person. As much as I struggle to get out of bed (especially at this most miserable time of year), I am very consistent with these products and always look forward to using them. It's the little things!

So, my morning cleanse. I am very bad and don't always wash my face properly in the mornings. I actually love washing it properly but the water in my room is freezing cold so, I don't always feel like giving myself the shivers! When I do cleanse properly, it's with the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel*. This is a very, very hyped product but I really love it - enough to buy it myself when this one runs out. It's a very rich, almost balmy cleanser that emulsifies upon contact with water and leaves my skin feeling very comfortable and replenished - it strips nothing away. I'd class this as a surface cleanser rather than a makeup cleanser, which is why I reserve it for the mornings - it probably would get most of my makeup off but the ingredients are so good that I feel this is best used in direct contact with the skin for maximum benefit.

For a 'cheat cleanse', aka one without water, I first spray my face all over with the Vichy Thermal Spa Water (Serozinc is also great for this), let it fizz a bit and then dry off with either a towel or cotton pad. Then I go in with one of the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads - these are just brilliant. I love them and reserve them for the mornings because they are no-fuss and so quick to use. They also contain a very gentle chemical exfoliant which is central to my skincare - I am a firm follower of the Caroline Hirons cult. Using this kind of product helps keep my skin clear and glowy, and reduces blackheads and sore spots, to which I am very prone! Thankfully, they're kept to a minimum with this routine and the few I do get are always hormonal or alcohol-related!

On to serum. I have dehydrated skin that can really play up in winter what with central heating so, a good hydrating serum is paramount. I also believe that this step definitely plays a part in keeping my skin balanced and clear - it's less likely to flare up when hydration is in check. At the moment I'm using Hydraluron, one of my absolute favourites - this was actually one of my Christmas presents from my boyfriend, very thoughtful! Other hydrating serums that I love and recommend would be the Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum or the Vichy Aqualia Thermal one.

Finally, the most important step - SPF! I did an entire post on facial SPF last year but basically, if you don't already wear a high factor daily, start right now! It is the best way to prevent premature ageing and is also essential if you use chemical exfoliants, which make the skin more suceptible to sun damage. 

The Kiehl's one is still my holy grail and I can't see anything bettering it in the near future. It feels like a very light moisturiser upon application and dries to an invisible finish. It agrees very well with my oily skin and doesn't make me look shiny or greasy as some sunscreens can. Makeup applies perfectly on too of it as it leaves no funky residue - I can't recommend it enough. It might seem pricey but one tube lasts me ages as it contains 60ml of product - most of these creams weigh in at about 30-40ml on average. 

So there we have it - that's me done for the morning. I'll outline my evening skincare in an upcoming post but in the meantime, do you like the look of these products? Oh, and let me know if there's anything else I should try! 


  1. Really want to try those radiance pads I am loving First Aid Beauty lately. I just bought their eye cream so excited for it to arrive. I love the murad sunscreen protector its great for my oily skin its expensive thou so next time when I go to replace it I'm going to give that Kiehls one a try as it seems better value for money. Great post

  2. Thanks Lauren :) I think you'd love the Kiehl's, I've never looked back since using it!

  3. I really want to try those first aid pads. Love my hydraluron I'd be lost without it

  4. Love that Vichy Idealia Eyes! Still haven't tried Hydraluron, for shame!

    Emma x


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