January 04, 2015

Makeup Mania

I go through phases. I know this sounds silly because, well, obviously I am quite fond of cosmetics in general, but since having more time to ogle at YouTube and blogs over the Christmas break, I am a woman posessed. My makeup 'habit' is spiralling again, and I've a list longer than my arm of things I want to try and looks I want to create.

Armed with vouchers, I've been picking up bits and bobs over the last week or two. There has been a definite theme to my shopping - I am very much enjoying concealer at the moment, and my love for lipliner is unwavering. Unsurprisingly, I finally fell for the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk - this is a product that I've wanted for ages and it's been even more hyped recently. I had it applied on me at a Tilbury event months ago with Penelope Pink lipstick on top and I loved how long-lasting it was - even better than MAC. It is really dear for a liner but I am so happy to finally have it - it pairs perfectly with Nude Kate and I'll be picking up Penelope Pink next!

Concealer has also been a recent obsession, I'm just really into it, whether it's the highlighting triangle method or just good old fashioned spot coverage. I've always really liked MAC Studio Finish concealer and have been interested in the new Pro Palettes since they came out. I know a couple of makeup artists that swear by them and Rachel Whitehurst also raved about this palette in a recent video - I have really similar taste in makeup to her, so I suppose her review was what made me bite the bullet! I am so glad that I invested in this - it's taken my concealer game to a whole new level. Mixing the shades depending on what I want to hide - yellow for blemishes, pink for undereyes - just helps everything look far more natural and almost airbrushed!

Aaaand another lipliner. I can't stop! I wanted a dark red liner that wasn't too dark, just kind of brownish. I have Vino for really dark looks, so after some swatching decided on Burgundy. It is gorgeous and I haven't heard many people talk about it - it pairs really well with Kate Moss 107 but in the below picture I have it with MAC Viva Glam 1. This is a dream combo. I wore this on NYE and got away without retouching it for about four and a half hours. Even at that stage it still looked passable!

I'd love to say that's me done on the makeup front for a while, but vouchers still have me all fired up - I've also picked up MAC Buff blush recently and I'm salivating over the Chanel Le Blanc primer - need. Have you bought anything nice with vouchers of late? Or any sales bargains? Let me know!


  1. I love your lipstick in the last picture. Last time I had vouchers was quite a while ago x

  2. I love the lipstick at the end, reds are my favourite lipstick shade. I'm a make up hoarder without even having vouchers oops! x

    Through New Eyes | Beauty Blog

  3. Pillow Talk is stunning, it has converted me to lip liner. I got some SpaceNK vouchers for my birthday & Christmas so I picked up Sunday Riley Good Genes & Start Over, also repurchased my HG primer, Hourglass Mineral Veil.

  4. The concealer palette looks interesting! And at some stage I plan to invest in a Charlotte Tilbury nude lip. The burgundy lip is lovely on you.
    I've picked up a bit of beauty & makeup pre & post christmas.
    I repurchased the MUFE HD foundation & spf primer & brush cleaner (their bday offer was on).
    I bought (part voucher) a By Terry Ombre Blackstar eyeshadow stick in brown perfection & a By Terry mascara in a purple shade (lovely on!).
    I was gifted the CT Magic cream.
    In the Space Nk sale I picked up the Laura Mercier artist palette for half price (€27) & then an ultimate bargain I thought was an Eve Lom gift set with a cleanser/tlc cream/mask & towel for half price from €125 to €62! Thought it was too much of a bargain to leave behind :)
    Need a new year ban now! But I'll be making a long list.

  5. I really want to try that concealer palette, just worried about how much use I'd get out of it/ if the shades would suit me!

  6. How much was the concealer palette? Been wanting to try it for ages.

  7. Loved this post! The MAC matchmaster concealer is really nice and although it's in a stick form its really creamy :) But does the palette have different shades, how does it work?

  8. If you have similar colouring to myself then go for it!

  9. Ah I'm the same, just using vouchers as an excuse ;)

  10. Thank you, i need to invest soon!

  11. I'm mad to get my hands on the concealer palette.. have seen NYX bring out their own version but I doubt it'll make its way over here :(
    And that Burgundy lipliner is fab! I swatched it last time I was in MAC and stupidly left without it. I hear no one talking about it but it's the perfect amount of vampy whilst still being red, if that makes sense? I seriously struggle with dark wine/burgundy colours ALL looking so purple on me so I must give Burgundy a go.
    My makeup wishlist was already massive... damn you, Dee! Just bought the Vice 3 palette and am popping into BT this weekend for Faux lipstick and maaaaybe Charlotte Tilbury filmstar bronze and glow ;) x

  12. Oh you will love that palette, and Faux is SUCH a good colour!

    I think Burgundy would be lovely on you too. Oh I bought those synthetic brushes on eBay after seeing your post! Can't wait to try them x


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