January 21, 2015

Kale Pesto

I'm still on my cooking buzz and loving being back in the kitchen and eating a wider variety of foods. This kale pesto recipe is also one from the I Quit Sugar book (see last week's sugar-free bread recipe here) and is something I make every weekend for the week ahead. I stir it through eggs, add it to salads, use it as a dip for raw veggies and spread it on cheese. It's really delicious - everyone who has tried it loves it -, incredibly easy, cheap and quick to make and freezes well so, you can always stay stocked up.

1 medium bunch of kale
2 spring onions
2 small cloves of garlic (or 1 large)
3 tbsp olive oil
juice of 1 lemon
25g grated parmesan
salt and pepper

The most tedious part of this recipe is de-stemming the kale. If they are big leaves, I use a sharp knife down either side of the stem and tear up the leaves. Otherwise, simply pull the leaves away from the woody stem.

Steam the kale. Now, I don't have a steamer so, I put the kale in a colander over a pot of boiling water (don't let the water touch the colander) and cover the colander with the lid of the pot. You'll know it's done when the kale changed from a greyish, dusty green to a bright and vibrant shade. 2-3 minutes should suffice.

Add to a food processor/blender/hand blender with all of the other ingredients and blitz until smooth. As I said, a very basic recipe that takes maybe 10 minutes total to whip up. If you want to freeze this, press the pesto into a container and top with a thin layer of olive oil. Defost in the fridge and stir through the oil to rehydrate the pesto.


  1. Defo do Sue, it's so quick and easy and delicious with everything!


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