January 20, 2015

If You Buy One Thing This Month...

...make it one of these two gems from Maybelline. January is a fairly sombre month at best (though it's more than halfway over at this point!), and at this time of year, the smallest things can make a difference.

I'm close to smashed myself but picked up a small treat last week in the form of two Maybelline gems - there was a brand offer in Boots to buy one item and get a second half price, which only sweetened the deal.

I am completely obsessed with concealer at the moment (I sense a post coming on...), and had been meaning to purchase The Eraser for ages. Now, I have had this before, but in the wrong shade, so I didn't get much use out of it and eventually ended up chucking it. Now that I finally have my mitts on the palest one, it's quite safe to say it's love.

I still don't think the shade range is great and, like a lot of drugstore stuff, this dies lean quite yellow. Somehow, though, it just works for me. Obviously the packaging is wacky but, once this concealer is worked into the undereye area with the right brush (try the Real Techniques Setting Brush), the formula just comes into its own and makes all of the fuss totally worth it.

It's not too heavy but covers a multitude and corrects my undereye area in seconds. It dries to an almost matte finish but still looks convincingly like skin, and sits well for the day. It lasts nicely and, well, I've no complaints apart from the shade range - I'd love a very pale one for highlighting with.

I am totally late on the Colour Drama bandwagon. When these NARS-a-like pencils first came out, I thought they looked great but wasn't too pushed on picking any up as the brights all looked close to shades I already have. Now that my nude obsession is overpowering me in full swing, I'm looking at every lip range with a fresh set of eyes - so it's not too surprising that Nude Perfection came home with me.

The colour is a nice, mauve-y nude - not too 'blank' or pale. I've worn it alone and with liner - it's a really handy colour to throw on during the working week as you look put-together, but not try-hard. Formula-wise, this pencil is a genuinely brilliant lip product, especially considering the price. It lasts a decent amount of time and gives a nice satin finish - not too glossy, not too matte. I will be buying more of these...

So I hope this post provides a bit of pick-me-up inspiration - how have you been finding this January? Any makeup rediscoveries whilst shopping your stash? Oh, and please do let me know of any other drugstore gems!


  1. I was just admiring those pencils the other day, I'll def have to pick one up!

  2. Definitely do, they're lovely!

  3. Must try the concealer, I've actually heard a few people swear by it!

    Emma x

  4. I currently using the one by L'Oreal and love it!

  5. The Maybelline concealer also comes in a highlighting shade called Brightener! I use that for highlighting and the Neutraliser shade for dark circles :)


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