December 22, 2014

Best in Beauty 2014: Skincare

Every year, our Best in Beauty round-up is a huge hit. You guys love to see what our stand-out products of the past 12 months have been and we love to revisit old favourites. This year, we are spreading the Best in Beauty posts out over five days so that we can really delve deep into why we loved a certain product and also so that you aren't stuck reading a 10,000 word essay ranging from cleansers to lipsticks and covering everything in between. As always, all of the posts are shoppable - you can click the plus signs on each product above to take you straight to the source!


S: It has to be Eve Lom. It's as luxe as everyone says; lightly exfoliating and super effective at both cleaning the skin and removing makeup and it smells heavenly, using this is a true ritual.

D: For I think the second year in a row, it's all about the Clinique Cleansing Balm. It's just the most reliable, gentle, and effective thing I've tried, and my skin loves it. 10/10. Review


S: This was the year of chemical exfoliators and I tried more than my fair share. The best, however, has to be Alpha-H Liquid Gold for it's skin smoothing, pore refining properties. Review

D: I may have been incredibly late on the bandwagon, but Alpha-H Liquid Gold was my best skincare discovery of 2014. It really helped me to move fully away from physical exfoliants and my skin has only reaped the benefits.


S: Probably the toughest category for me to pick a clear winner but, I'm giving it to Shiseido Ultimune as it was the ultimate in luxury. Supremely hydrating and incredibly light, I almost cried when this ran out. It's definitely worth the splurge! Review

D: Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair; For dehydrated skin, for dryness for spots, for dullness... honestly, this stuff helps with so many things and I don't think I'll ever be without it. Review

Eye Cream

S: I still have yet to find The One when it comes to eye cream but, the standout of the ones I have tried this year has been La Roche-Posay Redermic R Eye for its ultra hydrating, plumping and anti aging properties.

D: Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye; See above - I've become a bit of an ANR freak. The eye cream is more of a soothing balm and works so well to calm, treat and replenish the delicate eye area. Review


S: I haven't really used a moisturiser consistently this year as I have been favouring hydrating serums over traditional creams.

D: I've dabbled with loads of creams and moisturisers this year, but I think simplicity always wins out in skincare. La Roche-Posay Toleraine is a fantastic all-rounder for all skin types, and is great to have on hand if your skin isn't playing ball and needs something very gentle.


S: I didn't really add any new masks to my arsenal in 2014 but, still have a lot of love for the Origins Active Charcoal Mask for clearing congested skin. I must look into more masks in 2015!

D: The Aesop Parsley Seed Mask is just divine. A gentle, softening and purifying luxury clay mask, you won't want to use anything else after trying this.


S: It's relatively new to me but, the Kiehl's SPF has already become a must-have as it sits so beautifully under make-up as well as offering up a broad spectrum sun protection. Review

D: The same from above applies to this Kiehl's sunblock. In my mind, no other facial SPF matches up to this as it feels so light and dries so quickly. Amazing stuff! Review


  1. Love the blog ladies! Might be because I'm already using some of the products listed already. Now the others will just have to go on my Lust List. Thanks ladies and I can't wait until tomorrow morning for the next one

  2. Love the Brow Wiz! Its such an amazing product. Just bought the Brow Artist Plumper a few days ago, but haven't given it a go yet. Looking forward to it now though. Agree with the Maybelline brush. Its ridiculous!

  3. Thanks a mil great info xxxx


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