December 23, 2014

Best in Beauty 2014: Nails

Nail Polish Shade

S: God why do we make these categories so specific? I loved Essie Fishnet Stockings all year and,  more recently, Sally Hansen Patent Gloss in Moto. I love a good red nail!

D: I can never pick just one! Sally Hansen Pat on the Black has been a winter favourite, and Michael Kors Whisper, Sweet and Ingénue were my hit trio of the summer.

Nail Polish Formula

S: It's a toss up between Formula X and Essie for me but, I'll give it to Essie as it's more widely available.

D: My best discovery of this year was definitely the Michael Kors nail polish line. It's just so lovely (definitely a great gift idea) and definitely one of, if not the longest-lasting polishes I've ever tried. Review

Top Coat

S: I've tried a few different ones but, recently repurchased the Sally Hansen InstaDri which is an old favourite. Super glossy, it will prolong the life of even the crappiest polish.

D: I will never deviate from Seche Vite. For a kluztz like me, nothing else will do now that I'm used to having dry polish in double time, and nothing I've ever used is as glossy and shiny as this!

Base Coat

S: I've yet to find one as good as OPI Nail Envy. I especially love the matte formula for creating a smooth base for polish to grip to.

D: OPI Nail Envy does everything I need it to, and fast. I always turn to this when my nails are a bit dry and bendy after Shellac, and it sorts them out in literally a couple of days.

Hand Cream

S: I'm very picky about hand cream as residue makes me feel all gross and nauseous. The best I've tried this year is the Antipodes Jubilation Hand and Body Cream as it's the only one I've found that has leaves my hands super soft without a residue.

D: Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream is my all-time favourite. I keep it on my desk at work, and nothing else works quite as well!

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