December 04, 2014

Cattier Clay Mask

My skin adores clay. I've found that it reacts very well to a good clay mask, as well as cleansers and other treatments that include similar ingredients. I've professed love for several clay masks over the last while (see this post), and now another has managed to join the ranks.

At this stage, I should just refer you all to Caroline Hirons for my skincare shopping list. It's quite rare for me to try a product that hasn't been pre-approved by her; I know that this mask by French brand Cattier is something that she has reccommended to pick up if passing through a French pharmacy. 

It doesn't seem to be stocked widely outside of France, apart from the odd health store - I've never seen it in Ireland at least. Basically, Cattier is a brand of pure green French clay, and this is one of a range of their masks; they cater for all different skin types, and I picked up the one for oily skin. 

I really, really enjoy using this mask. My expensive skincare habit often extends to very fancy masks so it's a relief to find a cheaper one that works so well - I think I paid about €11 for this including shipping. It's everything you'd expect from a good clay mask in that it does dry on the skin, but doesn't dry your complexion with it. It feels quite tingly as it dries - in a very satisfying, this-is-doing-something kind of way. It's quite gentle but still effective, leaving my skin soft, smooth and that little bit clearer.

Cattier products are available on Amazon!


  1. Sounds deadly, and what a great price! :) X

  2. lovely giveaway thanks @kimneville2

  3. I'd love to try hoola! <3

  4. or @bubucelul....great giveaway! Thank you!

  5. Great giveaway, everything looks fab!

  6. Aw what a lovely giveaway!! x

  7. Would love this! :) @xkookymonsterx

  8. Have been eyeing this up on QVC all week! Fab prize x


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