November 16, 2014

Wrap Me Up

I adore winter. Christmas is in winter. Cosy nights by the fire happen in winter. It's literally the only season here in Ireland that can be relied on not to just blend into the others in a mush of kinda warm, kinda cold, kinda wet and kinda windy. Winter is crisp and cold and startlingly bright and requires us to wrap up warm and cosy. Given that I am a fiend for coats and scarves (I didn't lick it off the stones - thanks mam!), it's no wonder that winter is my favourite season of all and today I want to sing the praises of the blanket scarf because, ladies, it don't get much cosier than this!

I have a few in my "collection" and they are great to have to hand because you can get longer out of wearing your lighter jackets by wrapping one around your neck.  This blue-grey and white offering from Zara is the ultimate in blanket scarves and the one I've been reaching for most. For starters, it's huge and can be used as a literal blanket should you feel the need but, it's also incredibly thick and made of the softest, scrummiest wool-blend that makes you feel like you are wrapped up in a big length of cotton wool. 

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be available anymore on Zara's website but, this one from Asos is similar in texture and colour (and cheaper!). I did add a few others to my Asos wishlist last week that look just as delicious so, come sale time, they'll be coming home to mama! I also dropped a few hints for this gorgeous Topshop number so, we'll see come Christmas if they were picked up on (probably not!).


  1. I have that Zara scarf & love it. Though it nearly hasn't been cold enough for it yet, it's a real "depths of winter" scarf. It's awful foggy here today & I'm heading out to meet a friend soon so will definitely be giving it an outing.

  2. I got a gorgeous tartan one in Penneys this winter and it was the copy of a Zara one from last year of this size, but without the price tag. My love for these scarves though..always so cosy in them!

  3. also gorgeous new site girls, really love it!

  4. Thanks Nora! I actually bought that Zara one last year so, was raging to see it in Penneys this year for so much cheaper! Love it though!

  5. That looks like the best scarf ever super cosy is just what you want. Need to go in store soon see if I can find any, maybe they have other designs even if this one is sold out x

    Beauty with charm

  6. They do have some other gorgeous ones Alina but I had to draw the line and get the hell out of there last week! x

  7. It's such a gorgeous shade - Plumful by MAC!


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