November 25, 2014

Urban Decay Setting Sprays

For years, I totally rubbished the idea of a setting spray. I have oily skin, why would I spray anything on my face after powdering it?! Years of watching girls rave on YouTube did lead to me buying a mini MAC Fix+ a couple of years back - I wasn't all that fussed about it at the time, but more recently I've really come to rely on setting sprays.

This isn't my first bottle of this product. I had it last year, absolutely loved it and used it all up - but never repurchased as I moved on to trialling similar sprays from NYX. 

This is the product that made me finally get on board with the whole 'setting spray' concept. It's a really light, fine must that immediately takes away that excessively powdery look that freshly-applied makeup can tend to have, especially if you're oily and feel the need to powder well in the morning. It might take down some of the powder, but it definitely won't compromise on efficacy - if anything, I feel like this spray helps makeup to work harder, look better and last longer.

As soon as I started to use this again, I realised that despite the marked difference in price between this and the NYX version, All-Nighter is definitely still my preference. It's not that the NYX isn't good, it does most definitely work, but All-Nighter is just that bit better and definitely helps my slap to last in a way that nothing else does.

Urban Decay B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray*

This one is even stranger than a setting spray. A priming spray of sorts, B6 claims to give you skin a quick hit of vitamins and calm a multitude of sins prior to makeup application. Again, this sounds like a totally unecessary step, but if you think of it as an extension of your skincare routine, it's a little more understandable!

When I used this for the first time I was struck by just how lovely, cooling and refreshing it felt on the skin. It definitely does take down redness and leaves a better base upon which to apply makeup. It does the same as All-Nighter in that it definitely helps my makeup to look better and stick around for longer, and the pair combined are just a dream. The little bottle I have here was a mini sample, and the full-size costs €28.

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