November 09, 2014

The CEO Breakfast

I wish I could tell you that there's something inspirational or motivational behind the name of this dish. Maybe that it sets me up for the day, gets my head in the game, that I strategise and plan over it.

Sadly, there's not and I don't. It's just the ingredients of the breakfast; chorizo, eggs, Onion (and spinach). I'm sorry to disappoint!

Disappointing, however, these frittata-esque eggs are not. You know how most people eat the same breakfast everyday? This is mine and I consistently go to bed each night looking forward to breakfast the next morning. And, the best thing is, it's super simple.

All you need is some quality chorizo, a handful of spinach, a smattering of red onion, a knob of butter and some decent eggs. I like the Very Large Free Range Eggs you can get in most supermarkets but, whatever you use usually is fine. Roughly chop your ingredients and beat your eggs. I usually add some ground flaxseed to the eggs for added fibre.

Heat a dry pan over a medium heat and chuck in the chorizo and red onion. You want to keep the heat relatively low so as not to burn the chorizo and to give it a chance to leech some of the amazing oil it's holding. This will add incredible colour and flavour to your eggs.

Once the chorizo has browned and the onion softened, tear up the spinach and throw it in. Again, a lower heat will allow the spinach to wilt instead of burn. Add a knob of butter to both grease the pan and to give the eggs a lovely rich, creaminess and, when melted, pour over the eggs.

You'll know the eggs are cooked when the surface is no longer glistening. Remove from the heat, plate, and eat immediately. This is so easy and quick and totally sets you up for the day - I eat this at 7am and don't eat lunch until 1pm with no problems!

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