November 15, 2014

Regaining & Relosing Weight

It's high time for a weightloss update. When I left you, I had just reached the milestone of 20lb lost and was off on a two-week holiday. As I mentioned then, I hoped to make wise food choices without restricting myself but, I was mentally preparing myself to gain weight over the duration. What I didn't really prepare myself for was just how much weight I would gain.


I thought about writing this post then but, I figured it would be more informative for you to do it once I had relost the regained weight, especially with Christmas right around the corner and the inevitable gains to be had then! So, here it is; how it happened, how I relost it, how long it took, the whole sorry tale!

Regaining the Weight

For those of you who have been on a cruise, you'll know that the food and drink flow 24/7 and it can be hard to make good choices. I'm not new to cruising so, knew this going in and had hoped my willpower was strong enough to resist.

I did really well initially. Breakfast was an omlette. That kept me full until lunch around 2pm when I would make up a salad plate and successfully avoid the dessert stations. Well, for the first few days anyways.

While my breakfast stayed on track, one day, I made the stupid decision to suggest that we split a couple of small deserts. "Just to try them", is what I said. More fool me. Suddenly a shared selection of deserts at lunchtime became normal and from then on, all bets were off.

Another mistake we made was keeping our usual 7.30pm dining time. That might have worked in the past when we were gorging ourselves all day but, now that our relationship with food was different, we would find ourselves ravenous come 5.30pm and start dipping into some of the smaller cafes again, "just to try them".

Bread at dinner was supposed to be my one treat to myself and, to be fair, that was the only bread I ate but, it was sometimes 3 or 4 little rolls because, again, it was coming up on 8pm and I was starving. I generally didn't eat whatever carb my main course came with so, that was a positive but, then, I undid all that by having my own desert and then getting one "to share". A slippery slope all round, I think you'll agree. 

Relosing the Weight

Seeing it written down like that makes it very easy to see where those 12 extra big ones came from. And I didn't even touch on the alcohol consumed - mainly wine and gin with slimline. 

However, because I worked out nine days out of fourteen and knew my eating wasn't as bad as it could have been, it was a nasty fall back to Earth when the scales told me that I had gained the equivalent of two average-sized babies. Welcome home, indeed.

I launched my plan of attack. 

From the second I was off that plane, I was no longer on holidays. My mind was firmly rooted on at least losing what was regained. Though offered a pizza, my first dinner home was eggs and chorizo (recipe here!) and I've been eating as normal - my normal - since. I haven't deviated once. 

It's taken me nine weeks to lose 12lb. Six of those came off in the first week as it was just glycogen build-up from the excess carbs and water retention from the alcohol. The last 6lb have obviously taken a lot longer but, I'm back at where I was pre-holiday and continuing to make small, steady losses which is what counts. 

I really attribute the fact that I was able to drop the weight relatively quickly to associating home with my normal diet. Cakes and G&Ts are for the cruise, here, it's all about high-fat-low-carb living and it wasn't a wrench to switch back to that instantly. I think if I had allowed myself to ease back in, there would have been no line as to where I would say "no" and all my hard work since March would have come undone. 

Live and Learn 

It was more than annoying to gain that much weight and, over the last few weeks, there's been more than a few screams of frustration when the scale wasn't going in the right direction.However, it was a learning curve and I feel a million times more prepared on how to avoid such a large weight gain on our next cruise in May. 

Christmas is the next hurdle, as I'm sure it is for anyone watching their weight but, I think if we go into the season expecting a gain, we won't be disappointed when real life rolls around again. The important thing is make the best choices you can, without limiting yourself, and then to get right back on the wagon once the festivities end. 

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  1. Love this - I'm an absolute nightmare at Christmas- mince pies are the devils work and I'm weak - but well done Sinead you look amazing xx


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