November 24, 2014

Palettes of Note

2014 has really been the year of the eyeshadow palette for me. So many good ones have come into my life and, with Christmas just around the corner, I wanted to round-up my favourites in case you were in need of gift ideas. All are currently available, contain a mix of neutrals and I've included a mix of high-end and drugstore, pre-made and DIY so, hopefully there will be something for everyone here.

Up first, the larger, pre-made palettes. They all look decidedly similar with a mixture of warm and cool toned neutrals as well as a mix of textures. On the lower end of the price scale is the NYX Butt Naked Eyes* palette (€29.99). While this also contains a drawer with blushes, highlighters and bronzers, it is the shadows that are top notch. You can check this little video we made for a better overview!

I have three high-end picks to choose from. My ultimate favourite is the Lorac PRO. While Lorac is not available in Ireland, they do ship from their Amazon store and this amazing collection of 16 shadows is well worth the wait. While the shimmer shades are gorgeous and buttery, it is the matte shades that steal the show and I feel quite confident in saying that, if you have this, you won't need any other palette. Get it here for around €45 including taxes and charges.

Earlier this month we had a bit of breaking news that the Smashbox Double Exposure palette would hit counters here in January. Bit of a marketing mishap not to make it available before Christmas if you ask me but, in its place, the original Smashbox Full Exposure* (€44.00) palette is a really solid option. Again, the mattes steal the show and are buttery smooth perfection.

We gave the NARSissist palette (€49.00) a full review earlier in the year so, I won't spend too much time of it again. Suffice to say though, this sleek little case contains every shade and finish you could possibly need. Some people have found them hard to work with but, I think the perform on par with my MAC shadows.

Size is irrelevant as these next palettes go to show. Three options for you here and all would make incredible stocking stuffers or gifts. Wet n Wild stormed onto the Irish market this year and it is their eyeshadow palettes that had everyone in a tizzy. The shadows are consistently pigmented and very smooth and my personal pick would have to be for the neutral Walking on Eggshells trio - perfect for on-the-go!

While MAC have many holiday palettes, huge neutral pre-made palettes and the option to fill a 15-pan palette yourself, I shunned all of the above in favour of the two smaller DIY palette option the brand offers. Not only are they cheaper but, I find myself reaching for the more than the larger palettes as well as frequently changing out the shadows when I want a different combination to hand. In the quad, I've selected my ultimate four shadows for a smokey eye; Vanilla, Swiss Chocolate, Quarry and Smut while in the duo I keep my current everyday shadows; Ricepaper and Handwritten. Other shadow options I recommend are Grain, Texture, Cranberry, Mythology and Knight Divine.

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