November 05, 2014

MUFE HD Foundation Review

I was full sure that my next foundation purchase would be Dior Star but, with a voucher for MUFE burning a hole in my pocket, I decided that (a) a foundation obtained via such a means didn't count and I can still buy Dior Star (especially now as I have finished the YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat!) and (b) it would be sacrilegious to have a MUFE voucher and not use it to try arguably their most famed product. So, I'm now the proud owner of Make Up For Ever HD Foundation and I totally get the hype.

Let's talk price first of all. A bottle will set you back €40.50 from the Make Up For Ever store on Dublin's Clarendon Street. Not obscene for a higher end foundation but, maybe a little more than I had expected it to be. In terms of shade selection, there are 26 in total and all are very obviously pink or very obviously yellow-toned so, if you are neutral-toned, you may struggle to perfectly fit one. I was matched to the shade N110 Pink Porcelain which is a great colour and tonal match. There is one lighter than this called N107 Pink which I didn't see but, looks very pink in swatches.

The finish languishes somewhere between satin and matte which I feel would be favourable to almost all skintypes. The slight dewiness ensures it won't accentuate dryness while the equally slight matteness will be an asset for oilier skins. MUFE recommend applying with a sponge or artificial haired brush and I would have to agree with the former. This foundation is a match made in heaven for the Beauty Blender. The finish is incredibly airbrushed and layers beautifully to give medium or high coverage depending on what you prefer. In the picture here, I've applied one thin layer of foundation (no concealer or powder) and you can still see some of my freckles showing through which is nice but, if I went in again with another layer, they do disappear.

I don't have much negative to say about this foundation. I can see why it has the reputation it does as it delivers very flawless skin that photographs spectacularly well. Possibly I wish that they had more of a varied selection of tones on offer but, then again, this is primarily a brand for make-up artists and chances are they would have the full line-up in their kits in order to mix pinks and yellows to get a midway shade if necessary. Overall, two thumbs (and a Beauty Blender) up from me!


  1. I've never tried this but now I really want to as it looks amazing on you. Love the flawless finish on your skin x

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  3. Thanks Talisa! Funnily enough, for the first time in probably three years I actually photographed this step by step so ill have that up soon!

  4. It's a gorgeous foundation, definitely worth checking out!


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