November 21, 2014

For the Love of Highlighters

God. You really can't beat a good highlight, can you?

This post was spurred on by the realisation that I had basically been using the same highlighter every day since August and the knowledge that there were probably a handful more in the back of my drawer that I had forgotten all about. So, I dug them out. Some were shite and found their way to the bin but, there are some gems in this lot here and I've been circulating through them, loving how a quick sweep across the cheekbones brings winter skin alive.

Laura Mercier does epically good highlighters. Usually they are limited edition, like rosegold Spellbound was in 2013 but, the permanent line of Matte Radiance Baked Powders are all about delivering a soft-focus, natural looking radiance to the skin and the shade Highlight 01 is what I was using non-stop for the last three months. I actually prefer this to Spellbound as it is much cooler-toned, more smooth to apply and gives a much more natural looking brightness to the face. Highly, highly recommend.

Talk of soft-focus powders brings me right onto the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders. I only have these in palette form - I didn't partake when the individual powders initially launched because, quite honestly, the concept confused me. Did I want to be bathed in dim light or awash with an ethereal glow? I had no clue. Ever eager to get on a good bandwagon however, I scooped up the Ambient Lighting Palette as soon as it was available to pre-order on SpaceNK and, despite forgetting about it for awhile, I'm all in love again. I especially like mixing Dim Light and Incandescent Light to add some pizazz to cheekbones.

MAC is right up there with Laura Mercier for highlighters if we're talking about the Mineralize Skinfinish formula. Soft and Gentle is the original and quite akin to LM Spellbound so, if you missed out on that, give Soft and Gentle a whirl. Perfect Topping* is a limited edition that causes a frenzy everytime it is repromoted. Again, this is cooler and I prefer it to the warmer, rose tones of Soft and Gentle.

I have a few others, as pictured above but, honestly haven't dipped back into them since rediscovering so, I don't have much to say. Whatever your highlighter of choice is, I highly, highly recommend investing in the Louise Young LY20 brush. This giant fan brush is easily in my Top 5 Brushes of Life (ooh possible post idea?!) and it works wonders with any highlighter.


  1. I love the Hourglass palette, I'm still not fully sure how to use it best but I'm enjoying getting to used to it! It's such a nice lux item to have!


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