November 28, 2014

Day 3 Hair

I have devised a way to get three full days out of a hair wash. This is huge. You see, I don't have particularly greasy hair. Yet, despite that, my hair was always crying out to be washed by the end of Day 2. It would end up looking lank and stringy and there wasn't a hope in hell that I could let it go until the next day. Now, that's all changed and I love it because I hate the whole hair washing process with a passion..

It's all down to a combination of three products, four if you count the shampoo I use, and, most crucially, when you use the products. Lets start with shampoo; I use the Pantene Aqua Light which is free from silicones and sulphates ensuring it leaves zero residue in the hair. I do understand people with more textured hair enjoy silicones but, for me, they weigh my hair down badly so, just play around with shampoos and find one that works best for you.

I try to limit the amount of heat I use on my hair so, I allow it to air dry almost entirely and then finish drying it with the ghdAIR. I've come to learn that, if I don't finish my hair with the hair dryer, it doesn't dry thoroughly and the underneath side is always a bit dirty and stringy looking the next day so, the heat just makes it look that bit more sleek. 

Day 2 AM: I usually have to do very little on the morning of Day 2. However, since the InStyler came into my life, I have taken to running it quickly over the top layer of my hair just to give that perfect, salon-esque finish. 

Day 2 PM: This is where timing is everything. Just before I go to bed I spray my roots lightly with dry shampoo. Batiste is still my dry shampoo of choice - it's cheap, easily obtained and does the job perfectly. Spraying this the night before gives the product a chance to work itself into the roots and absorb any overnight oils. 

Day 3 AM: Three steps here to make hair look and feel fresh. The InStyler comes back out for a very quick run over. Instantly this improves the appearance of my hair. Then, a quick spritz of Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray at the roots to give lift and ensure that the hair won't revert to looking limp and lank during the day. Finally, if I think my hair is looking a little dry through the lengths from the dry shampoo, I add a touch of Percy and Reed Dry Conditioner to add a little shine and softness back it. 

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