November 06, 2014

Autumn Eyeshadows from MAC

Even with all of the faffing I do with palettes, there's still sometimes nothing like a good MAC eyeshadow combination. They still hold holy grail status for me and my MAC collection is something I will never part from It seems to be the same for you guys as well, as posts discussing MAC eyeshadows are always pretty damn popular!

This time of year is perfect for cracking out some autumnal tones; russets, golds, bronzes and soft, warm browns. I never get tired of experimenting - after a bit of playing recently, here's some of my favourite MAC shades of all time that just so happen to be bang on for autumn!

Antiqued is probably one of my favourite MAC eyeshadows ever. A rusty, reddish-bronze shade, it makes my eyes look incredibly blue and is pretty darn unique - the finish is also sublime. This is up there with Woodwinked for me!

Bronze is an eyeshadow that both myself and Sinéad consider to be seriously underrated. Another Veluxe Pearl, it blends like an absolute dream and looks incredible alone or with a little something in the crease, or even as a base for a deep, dark smokey eye.

Soft Brown is unfortunately a US-only MAC shade - why, oh why do they do this to us?! This is a beautiful, easy-to-blend crease shade that goes with pretty much any warm-toned shadow. During my recent matte shadow obsession (post pending), I've also loved this all over the lid.

Wedge has to be another one of those MAC shades that everyone just needs in their collection. It just works - I've even contoured with it! Again, this is just brilliant as a crease colour and also works well for just a hint of undereye definition. I know that the swatch doesn't look great, or even that interesting, but trust me - I have a lot of eyeshadow, but I don't own anything else quite like this.

Folie is a really special shade; it just adds such interest to any eye look. It's a great alternative to black or brown for a smokey eye and again, really brings out my blue eyes. Somehow, it manages to be quite red without making me look ill or drawn - it just works. It's also another one that performs far better on the lid than it swatches on the skin, so do bear that in mind when looking at my pictures!

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