October 15, 2014

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Review

I just love a good cleanser. Before I got serious about skincare I could never get my head around the concept of investing in something that gets rinsed down the sink, but now, with my skincare hat firmly on, I am of the firm belief that a good quality, gentle cleanser can be a total dealbreaker for skin. 

My skincare wishlist is as long as my arm, and Sunday Riley has interested me for a long time; this cleanser and the Good Genes serum (want) always seem to clean up in online reviews. I've said before that my skin gets along really well with any product containing clay - that, coupled with the Caroline Hirons seal of approval, was also what compelled me to invest in this. 

I've had Ceramic Slip for so long that I couldn't remember offhand when I'd bought it. Checking my receipts, it was the very beginning of May when it arrived - don't you just love when a good product keeps on giving? 

This has become something of a cult cleanser, and I can totally see why. It's full of gentle ingredients like French green clay which works particularly well for oily skin. This is the most gentle foaming cleanser that I've ever tried - I'm kind of loath to even call it that because it's more of a light lather. For the most part I tend to avoid foaming products, but this one is truly in a category of its very own. 

I use this in the mornings when I have time to wash my face, and often in the evenings as a second cleanse after removing makeup. It's really soothing and just does something very good for my skin, especially when it's irritated by spots. It's very rare in my experience to find a product that manages to cater gently for oily/spotty skin, but this is it. It keeps my skin feeling comfortable and looking clear - pretty much exactly what I want from a cleanser. I feel like it is definitely helping to keep my skin in check and although it was expensive, it's lasted me twice as long as another cleanser that was half the price so, I feel like my purchase was justified! 


  1. I have this too & love it. I use it the same as yourself, as my second cleanse & in the morning. It's so lovely & non drying. Plus I have it 2 months & there's only the tre jest bit gone.

  2. It's great isn't it! I feel like the price is worth paying for the amount of time one bottle lasts x


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