October 17, 2014

Meeting Oskia's Georgie Cleeve

If there is one really great opportunity that this blog gives it is that we get to learn about brands we love or are curious about straight from the source and earlier this week we had the chance to spend an evening with OSKIA Skincare founder Georgie Cleeve at SpaceNK Grafton Street. 

OSKIA is an all-natural, nutritional skincare brand that was founded by Georgie, an ex-journalist, because of, well, horses! Despite having a series of knee operations, Georgie was left with severely damaged cartilage in her knees and her dad, who runs a nutritional supplement company, put her on a course of a joint supplement called MSM that was initially used to treat horses hooves and legs.

The results were unprecedented by Georgie's surgeons and, with the cartilage regenerated, Georgie has been able to return to running and skiing - something she was told she would never do again. However, there was another side effect of MSM that, in turn, planted the seed that would one day grow into OSKIA. Georgie's eczema cleared up. 100% gone.

MSM is now the cornerstone of the OSKIA brand. In short, it is a form of organic sulphur that supports cell life and regeneration including promoting collagen production, improving circulation and reducing inflammation - all things that have a positive impact on the skin. In harnessing the surprising benefits of MSM, Georgie created one of the first luxury skincare brands that can be described as "nutritional skincare" i.e. skincare that delivers vitamins and minerals to the skin that our bodies may otherwise be lacking. Every box even comes with an ingredients panel, not unlike a food label!

The brand is currently 12-products strong with a lot of very exciting launches in the pipeline for the next few months. Georgie's personal favourite Renaissance Cleansing Gel and Micro Exfoliating Balm (apparently Russell Crowe loves this stuff!) are among the bestsellers with the former achieving something of a cult status among us online beauty obsessives - it's next on my "Morning Cleanser" list!

You can order OSKIA directly from the website (where there is also lots more interesting information on MSM and nutritional skincare) or you can check it out on BeautyBay, LookFantasticSpaceNK and CultBeauty (order from here this weekend to avail of up to £50 off your order!).

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