October 24, 2014

Hair Affairs

I'm thinking about cutting my hair.

Big decisions, huge. Not really. I'm one of those people who just walks into a salon and says "Ehhh about here", gesticulating roughly at somewhere between my chin and chest. I'm not fussy - hair grows, as Sabrina reminded Jenny (#1990s) but, this is the first time I actually want a particular hairstyle and it makes me a bit nervous.

It all started when I caught sight of my hair tucked up in my scarf and loved the length. I Instagrammed it, as you do. 

Then, the same day, I saw this picture of my friend Simone (you may know her from here) looking all kinds of delish which sparked a sudden frenzy of searches like "long bob", "Kristin Cavallari haircut" and "shoulder length cut".

I've become reobsessed with Pinterest and We Heart It in the wake of this and have been collecting lots of hair inspo:

What I have in mind is something quite graduated and piecey like Kristin's but, maybe closer to the length of Emma's but, with the layers of top right and/or bottom centre...I may be over-thinking this! It's quite a bit shorter than I've gone before which is the only thing giving me pause. What do you think? Any shorter haired girls out there care to weigh in on maintenance, how easy it is to tie up/style or if it's one of life's greatest regrets?!


  1. Those haircuts are all gorgeous! I cut my hair from bra strap-length up to my shoulders during the summer and I haven't looked back. It's so much easier to manage and style, and it's far healthier too. Definitely one of my better decisions :)

  2. Yeah, these are all the reasons I'm keen to do it! My hair also grows so quick that it shouldn't be too much of an issue - don't know why it seems like a bigger decision than any other cut!

  3. Mine is the same, and dreadfully thick to boot, so if you hate it you know it'll grow out quickly. It'll be fab though. G'wan g'wan g'wan.

  4. Eeeep I think I might...😮

  5. I don't regret cutting my hair! The length that you're going for is perfect because you can still through it in a ponytail. Only thing I'd recommend is to keep in mind your natural texture because you'll notice it alot more... and you need haircuts more frequently to keep the length. Otherwise. I loveee the long bob. Go for it! :)

  6. My hair is quite naturally straight and...smooth I guess? I feel it would be nice for winter with scarves and stuff? X

  7. I cut mine to half way down my back to this length in February & I love it, it needs trimming more often than normal to keep the length, but otherwise it's very easy to take care of. My hair is wavy, but when it's straightenrd its across between Kristin & Olivia. I love the length & it looks so good with scarves & snoods. DOOOOO IT.

  8. I think I will!!! Lucky you having wavy hair also!!

  9. Not really. I forgot to mention its dry & fuzzy too.

  10. Ohhh haha! Well mine is super straight and can't really do much of anything so, that's annoying in and of itself! I'm hoping something shorter and chopper might give it more oomf!


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