October 06, 2014

Eau de Gaga Review

I totally pre-judged this one and I am more than happy to hold up my hands and admit I was wrong. For you see, in 2012, I reviewed Lady Gaga's inaugural scent and was quite blunt, verging on scathing, in my commentary. I don't have a lot of time for celebrity perfumes and had hoped Fame would break the mould given the hoopla that surrounded it. Suffice to say it was a let down in pretty packaging.

Fast forward two years and I didn't even know the Lady had a second fragrance launching, such is my interest in her, until it arrived at my door. I threw it a cursory glance and put it in my "one day I will review this" pile. Then I read the press info and saw words I liked; "unisex", "leather", "masculine". I opened the box. 

Eau de Gaga* is so "me". The irony of having to write that both delights me and mortifies me in equal measures but, honestly, this scent is my jam. It's deep and rich with an amazing leathery top note that almost makes me weak at the knees. Citrus and a hint of floral ensure that you don't smell like a new car and also lend a sweetness to the heaviness that is the perfect juxtaposition of notes. God, that almost sounds like I know what I'm talking about here!

It is definitely masculine so, if you are a floral type of gal, you'll find this far too heady. However, I think they did a pretty stellar job of creating a unisex fragrance that is equally as feminine as it is masculine. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather is the obvious comparison but, there is more to this, especially as it's so unexpected. Oh, and the bottle is pretty decent dressing table fodder too!


  1. Jaysis, frantically digging this out of the testing pile!

  2. LOLOL, I can just imagine your dismay at liking this! I still think I'll avoid it. Imagine being asked what you're wearing, and having to reply, Eau de Gaga? LOLOL!


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