October 31, 2014

Current Skincare Routine (PM)

A few weeks ago I shared my morning skincare routine and promised I would update you on what I'm using come evening time. At the time I had only just added some new products in so, I didn't feel ready to give opinions on the products but, now my skin has had time to adjust and, thankfully, has responded really well to the new evening regime.

After removing the bulk of my make-up with a micellar water, I use one of my new favourite products, along with a face cloth, to cleanse, Eve Lom Cleansing Balm. This was a very unexpected but, very much appreciated present from Kev's mam and it is to die for. Honestly, no other cleansing balm can touch this stuff - it's just a shame that I will have to sell my first born to repurchase it!

Twice a week or so, I use a deep cleansing product to really draw out any blocked pores and get deep into the skin. At the moment, I'm loving the First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay. This, with the Clarisonic, is a match made in heaven for squeaky clean, super smooth skin.

Next up, I combine exfoliate/tone with an acid toner. At the moment, I am using the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads and I loooooove them. A lovely blend of glycolic and lactic acid, you feel these babies working their magic on tired skin. I'm not sure how cost effective they are at 60 pads for around €25 but, they do work and I'm happy to use them.

La Roche-Posay is one of my favourite skincare brands but, I had never tried the Redermic line. More fool me because the Redermic R* and Redermic R Eyes* are absolutely fantastic. Containing anti-aging retinol, a retinol booster complex and LHA, these leave the skin incredibly plump, smooth and radiant come morning. At €34 and €27.50 respectively, these aren't exactly cheap but, I will definitely repurchase time and time again.

The final step in my routine is very new and, therefore, I don't want to give too much of a review. However, so far, I'm loving the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial. It is super hydrating and plumping, smells amazing and is a pleasure to use. Keep an eye out for a full review of this and its morning counterpart in a couple of weeks!


  1. I really want to try those radiance pads heard great things, I have the readermic R, I need to be more disciplined in using it!

  2. I would definitely recommend trying the pads out they are so handy! Yeah, I think the results come with consistent use!

  3. I also got the Eve Lom as a present before and I'm hanging on to the end of it for dear life as I won't be able to afford a new one too! Really interested in those first aid pads.


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