October 10, 2014

An Introduction to Ojon

As an avid reader of blogs, a shameless consumer of YouTube videos and basically any kind of beauty content online or in print, I'd always heard good things about Ojon, A premium haircare brand with a price tag to match, I'd always regarded it as one of those brands that just might somehow 'fix' my hair. My mane has always been a difficult beast to manage, you see - before the GHD came into my life I more often than not resembled a pre-makeover Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries.

So with an unruly, frizz-prone and rather dry head of hair, maintenance has always been a challenge. Throw into the mix a sensitive scalp and more experimentation with colour than I'd care to remember (although some of it has, unfortunately, been documented on this very blog), and it gets even more complicated. I have always been conscious of the health of my hair but now, as a semi-responsible adult person, I really want to look after it properly. For years, I'd wanted to give Ojon products a go but more often than not, they were outside my budget or I'd turned to my trusty friend Kérastase when I did have the cash. Having finally had the chance to trial two of Ojon's offerings, I was pretty eager to compile my thoughts and see if they're really worth it.

Ojon Rare Blend Moisture-Rich Cleansing Conditioner* (€18.50/240ml)

My instinctive reaction to the whole phenomenon of co-washing was dismissive at the very least, but I actually found this very useful for those in-between days when I was hopping in the shower but my hair wasn't really dirty. I'm not one to push out the time between washes because my scalp can't handle dry shampoo with any kind of regularity, and the adverse reaction (and gross flaking) simply isn't worth it, so this worked as a nice, quick stop-gap between proper washes.

I wouldn't use this on very greasy or product-laden hair - sometimes, a good wash is all that'll do. However, it's definitely worth investigating if you've thick, dry or frizzy hair like mine. It left no residue (I was convinced it would), and my hair looked very sleek and had a noticeable shine after use. The smell was just gorgeous and I always noticed how well my hair looked after using this. I don't think it's a replacement for shampoo - I stuck to using this once a week or so - but it's brilliant nonetheless.

Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment Plus* (€43/100ml)

I remember reading a really funny review of the original incarnation of this product a few years back on The writer enjoyed the product and sung its praises, but had one sticking point - apparently, the stuff stank of stale tobacco. This version of the Restorative Hair Treatment claims to have an improved fragrance, and I definitely didn't detect even a whiff of fag ash from it, so thumbs up on that front. It's a rinse-out treatment that can be used overnight or for 20 minutes before shampooing, similar to Philip Kingsley's Elasticizer.

In terms of what it did to my actual hair, I found it very effective in terms of enlivening my mane a bit and sealing in moisture. However, I do have one niggling doubt because of what it reminds me of - coconut oil. A solid product, that heats and melts down in your hands, and can be used to deep condition the hair... there are definite similarities between the two, and ordinary coconut oil is about one-eighth of the price of this conditioner... just sayin'. Both leave my hair feeling quite soft and manageable - the Ojon is probably just that little bit better but, not enough to lead me to repurchase it.

Final thoughts on Ojon? Very, nice products that worked their way into my regular rotation with ease. If you can afford them, they are truly lovely products to use, but they don't quite match some of the miracle products I've used from Phyto and Kérastase in the past.

Ojon is available from selected Boots branches, and Arnotts.

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