October 27, 2014

15 Before 2015

Remember Project 10 Pan back in the day? For the uninitiated (or younger than I!), Project 10 Pan was an early YouTube incarnation where "gurus" (ugh) aimed to use up or "hit pan" on 10 products as a means of clearing out their collection. I've decided to resurrect this idea and aim to use up 15 beauty products before 2015 and, in the interest of transparency, I basically want to just clear space in order to buy more shit. To make this goal somewhat realistic, I've allowed myself to include skincare, haircare and bodycare as well as make-up. Here's what I'm hoping to purge pre-2015.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural: Ah, a beauty of a powder; one of my favourites, in fact. This got shoved into my drawer when I bought the NARS Translucent Crystal Light Reflecting Pressed Powder and has about 25% left which should be easy enough to use up and then I can use the compact for Back2MAC. Speaking of the NARS powder...

NARS Translucent Crystal Light Reflecting Pressed Powder: The fact that I have hit pan on this is either testament to how much I love it or an indication of how little bang you get for your buck. However, I'll use this up (probably just to repurchase it again to be honest) but, as someone who doesn't "do" top-ups throughout the day, I might be hard pressed to finish two powders. Aim high, as they say.

L'Oreal Million Lashes So Couture: I'm an awful one for having circa 20 mascaras on the go at once and I end up having to bin them before they are done because they go bad. So, being that I do love this mascara more than any I have tried recently, I have a flying chance of using it up. That'll be one down, 19 to go...

MAC Ricepaper: An eyeshadow. What am I thinking. However, this one is almost gone and looking rather forlorn in my palette so, I want to use it up in order to repurchase a fresh one - there's logic in there somewhere, I'm sure. This is one of my favourite and recently rediscovered lid shadows so, if I am endeavouring to finish at least one eyeshadow in my life, this will be it. 

Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener: This undereye concealer has been on its last legs for months now but, because I am a concealer whore and flit from one to the next almost daily, I haven't exactly been working to finish this up. It is one of my faves though so, chances are I'll repurchase somewhere down the line.

Rimmel Brow This Way: Despite this being a new release, I have somehow accumulated three back-ups in my shade. Unnecessary. I use this every single day so, hopefully I can bring some of the stupidly purchased "spares" into rotation over the next few months.

Eve Lom Cleansing Balm: I shouldn't even want to use this up because it is so bloody delicious and I will never bring myself to spend the money on it (it was a gift) but, I have a "Cleansers to Try" list as long as my arm and only one face so, Eve's gotta go. 

Pixi Glow Tonic: I think this is my second bottle of this stuff and I do love it. However, I am on such a chemical toner/exfoliator binge at the moment, I want to try something new and, as per my One in One Out policy, Pixi's had her day.

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask: I always forget about this mask and then dig it out and remember how much I love it. It's got about two-thirds left and, while I'm not sure of a similar product I want to try (suggestions on a postcard please), I feel like I should put it out of its misery and use it up.

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Boosting Masks: This one might be a bit of a cheat but, I hate these bloody things and I have two left and no drive to use them up. No, I won't be repurchasing them. No, I won't be replacing them. They just gotta stop taking up space in my drawer.

Indeed Labs Facial Powdered Exfoliator: I do like this product but, I never reach for it because it's a bit of a faff trying to get the concentration right and I'm already up to my eyeballs in chemical exfoliators and at real risk of peeling my face off. I'm not sure if I'll actually be able to use it up as it's probably 75% full but, I'll give it a bash. Waste not, want not etc.

Indeed Labs Eysilix: Poor Indeed Labs seems to be getting a bit of a ribbing here but, honestly, it's just a case that a lot of their products are in my rotation and I really want to try new stuff. Eysilix is a great morning eye cream; depuffs and brightens and sits well under make-up but, as I'm using a retinol-based night eye cream now, I really need something with SPF in it for peace of mind during the day. 

E45 Intense Recovery: For some reason, I find it impossible to finish body creams. It's just one beauty category that bores me and I find myself constantly trying new ones in the hopes of finding something mind blowing. Never happens. Anyway, I have been using E45 Intense Recovery for about two months now and I like it well enough so, I'll aim to keep using it until it's gone. And then make a start on the other 3,813 that are in my stash...

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Mains: Once I realised that I'm turning 25 next year AKA old as the hills, it dawned on me that I should be taking better care of my hands. They are, as they say, the biggest giveaway of age in later life and, considering mine take such a bashing (and ripping and tearing and callous-ing) in the gym every week, they are probably well on their way to looking elderly. So, I'm working through three open hand creams at the moment but, this, from La Roche-Posay is the only one I actually like and so, might just finish. 

VO5 Heat Protect Styling Spray: This is a relatively recent purchase but, it was a stupid one because (a) I hate the spray mechanism and, (b) I've been trying to go sulphate/paraben/silicone-free with my haircare and I'm pretty sure this doesn't fall into that category. So, I'm going to let it do its thang until it's gone and then try to find an alternative that fits the No Nasties policy. 

Anyone care to join me on this pre-2015 purge?! I'll update you on how I fared towards the end of the year!


  1. Best of luck with this project! I need to do the same and start using up some of my stuff before I buy more x

    Beauty with charm | TOOFACED GIVEAWAY

  2. Thanks Alina - it will be a challenge!!

  3. This is a great idea, I actually need to do something similar- I've way too much stuff to use up!

  4. Everything just mounts up doesn't it!

  5. I really should try something like this but wouldn't know the first place to start!!!

  6. that is a fantastic idea! i feel like i have that much make up that i will never use it all. i must make a promise to myself not to buy anything new until something has run out!

  7. That's what I've been trying to do for the past few months and it's been working well!

  8. Haha with your amazing collection Im not surprised!

  9. I could do with a product purge, but I tend to just cheat and pass off my unwanted products to my sister. Oh well, she's a willing recipient!
    Best of luck, can't wait to hear how you get on!

  10. My sisters are the exact same but, I'm so fed up with seeing so many half - used, opened products!

  11. I know the feeling! All I can see is the wasted money :/

  12. Yum yum yummy! Another simple but effective trick is to stick a halved and pricked lemon in the cavity for steamy lemony infusion. I've also been known to shove garlic cloves and butter under the breast skin. You can get your fingers right underneath it without removing it, to soak flavours into the breast meat while cooking. Just had my lunch but now I'm starving again!

  13. They come out perfect everytime Sarah - definitely one worth having up your sleeve!

  14. Sounds great Kat, I do a similar thing with chicken thighs in a pan with some quartered lemons and whole garlic cloves. Once the chicken is done, you are left with this amazing lemony sauce that I then squeeze the roasted garlic into - divine!


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