September 23, 2014

Shiseido Ultimune Review

Ultimune is a pretty hot new skincare product from the kings of Japanese skincare, Shiseido. With 20 years of research and development behind it, the concentrate promises to improve your skins immunity, maximising its natural ability to renew and regenerate itself to be more beautiful. It's a luxe product so we won't bore you with any more of its claims - what follows are our honest thoughts after over two months trialling it! 

Dee Says...

Super-expensive skincare like this serum has been hit and miss with me in the past. I wasn't a fan of Lancome's Génefique but absolutely loved Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair; happily, this product falls into the latter's camp. I didn't want to enjoy this product as much as I truly have; it's bloody expensive and it is my firm belief that you do not have to spend this amount in order to have good skincare products. However, if you have the money and enjoy skincare, I do recommend this to you without hesitation. I'm seriously bummed that I'm finished my bottle and don't currently have the money to repurchase!

It's done a lot for my skin - somehow keeping it plump, soft and hydrated as well as very, very clear. It's supposed to help reduce the visible signs of stress in the skin and I would agree - regular use of Ultimune has me looking a little more well-rested and clear-skinned.

It's been marketed as a concentrate to be applied before your normal serum but I don't see the need at all. I used this as my only serum for the last two months -  sometimes alone, sometimes with a moisturiser or night cream on top - and it exceeded all expectations. It kept my skin balanced in terms of hydration and breakouts, and I only had one large spot during those two months - which is pretty great for me.

I also have to comment on the texture and scent of the product itself - it's just such a pleasure to use. The serum is really light, viscous and smooth - you'd be surprised how far one pump will spread on the skin - and it has a really light, delicate scent. It's those little details - plus the obvious efficacy of the product - that make this worth shelling out for if it's in your budget.

Sinéad Says...

I love skincare. Like really, deeply love it. I think it's the geek in me that appreciates how x plus y can equal amazing skin. However, serums have always been kind of meh for me. I've used them in the past with results varying from "just okay" to "quite nice" and so, have always kind of felt like I don't really need one. Until now.

That sounds a bit like an infomercial but, it's the honest truth. I wasn't overawed by the product when it was first presented to me and all of its (many) positive attributes were explained. I wasn't even blown away by it on first, second or third use. It took two weeks before I caught sight of my make-up-less face after a shower one day and thought "Holy shit my skin looks nice". Ultimune was the only new addition to my regime at the time and I knew then that this was The One and that it had done marvellous and amazing things to the texture and plumpness of my skin. I knew that I couldn't be without it and haven't stopped using it since.

This poses a problem though. As Dee has already mentioned, this is bloody expensive with the small bottle starting around €80. I have never spent that much on skincare in all my life and, with only a third of my bottle left, I'm mentally calculating what frivolity I can forgo in order to keep my skin Ultimuned. Whether I bite the bullet and replace it remains to be seen but, if you are in the market for a new serum or like the idea of a product that increases your skins natural barrier to external aggressors, strengthening and improving it over time, then this is the one for you. You may just want to remortgage the house to prepare for a life of €80 serums first!

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  1. I agree with you both, wholeheartedly, Gals. The price tag I thought was eye watering but Ultimune truly is a pleasure to use. I found myself looking forward to the 5 minutes it takes to apply, like a mini ritual just for me.

    Again, I began using this as intended, as a pre-serum, but I am inherently rushed when it comes to skincare (and everything else) so this quickly replaced my serum entirely.

    I'm with you SInead on dolefully looking at the last of the product in the bottle. If only the lads didn't insist on eating every day. SO SELFISH.


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